Auroville, India

Project Manager

Support Sustainable Cities and Communities

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Skills Needed

  • Renewable Energy
  • Event Planning

Language Proficiencies

You must be able to speak English.
Additionally, speaking Tamil, French would be helpful.

When Can You Start?

You can start as soon as possible and stay for 2¾ months to 24 months



Living Stipend

Project Details

Description and Impact

The vision of Auroville Consulting is to facilitate a two-way flow of exchange between Auroville and the 'outside' world. This exchange can take place through ideas, projects, and people. We are primarily focused on projects relating to the environment as well as health and wellness. Founded in 2010, Auroville Consulting is a business unit of the non-profit organization Auroville Foundation.

AVC provides expertise in areas of environment and sustainability by drawing upon & coordinating with experts in Auroville. AVC engages at the strategic level with policy input, detailed planning and design as well as implementation.

You will support us in managing and implementing community-oriented projects related to water, energy and urban farming.

AGP brings together stakeholders to envision future townships that are ecologically, socially and economically nurturing. Distinguished professionals share their vision and experiences in plenary talks, participatory sessions and a panel discussion addressing sustainable integrated human habitats.

This experience will offer you to take charge of all of AGP workshops and seminars, including planning, design and execution. Also, real world experience of green practices, understanding of local culture and mindsets. All gained while living and working in Auroville.


Feedback by community

Additional Useful Skills

  • urban farming

We Provide These Local Benefits

Benefits Overview

  • Living Stipend
  • Learning Opportunity
  • Meal Stipend
  • Good For Groups
  • Good For Families

Living Stipend

A monthly stipend will be provided after a two month probation period. The stipend shall be enough to cover basic living expenses.

Learning Opportunity

We will offer you staying at an international community that is build on spiritual values, high level of quality of life, working with passionate people. Working in a multicultural, multidisciplinary team. 

Food Stipend

Lunch provided. 

Additional Benefits

An introduction program to Auroville will be organized. Other benefits are: staying at an international community that is build on spiritual values, high level of quality of life, working with passionate people.


Ask a question about this project

My wife, Kyra, and I are interested in this opportunity. We are inspired by the innovation and impact Auroville Consulting is achieving. We each have 6+ years in management consulting and a variety of experiences that may be applicable to the opportunity, including stakeholder engagement and project management. We’re interested in learning more about the opportunity to see if we would be a good fit. We’re available for 3 months starting in May 2017, with the possibility of extending.
David, Jan 23rd, 2017
Dear David, thank you for contacting us. We would be interested in discussing our potential contribution to Auroville. Most of our work in broadly in the renewable energy sector (policies, strategic planning, training, R&D). We are looking at someone that could help us in developing an (IT-based?) product service out of our expertise. Would you be interested in having a short skype call on this? I can be available on one of the following dates: Friday 27 January Thursday 2nd February Friday 3rd February I assume that you are based in NY and hence we will have a time difference of 9:30 min. Would you prefer to have a call in the evening or morning your time? Best regards, Martin Scherfler
Representative of this project, Jan 23rd, 2017
Hi Martin - We just heard back from a few other organizations. And at this time I think they would be a better fit for us. Thanks for getting back to me so soon and good luck with everything! -David
David, Jan 24th, 2017
Dear David, appreciate your prompt response and wishing you and your wife all the best in your future. Regards, Martin
Representative of this project, Jan 24th, 2017