Steps from Introduction to Match

Follow These 5 Steps to Begin the Matching and Experteering Process

MovingWorlds has introduced you to a potential Hosting Organization via email. Now what happens? This is a guide to support you in the call with your potential Host Organizations. It will help you verify if you want to Experteer with this Host Organization, and explain what the next steps are.

Please note that an introduction does not mean a match. You should have an introductory call with each other before confirming as a “match”.

Understand Your Role in This Process

Step 1: Introduction

Leading up to this point, either you requested an introduction to a Hosting Organization that was approved, or a Host Organization requested an introduction to you and you approved it.

Next: Respond to the introductory email

MovingWorlds sent an email to both you and the Host Organization. As the Experteer, you are responsible for “project managing” the process forward. Start by emailing with the Host Organization to set up an introductory call.

Prepare yourself by researching the Host Organization

First: Gather helpful information about the Host Organization (mainly through its website and external resources):

  • The mission
  • Line of work and social impact focus
  • Location
  • Read articles published about or by the Host Organization
  • Areas of success
  • Prepare questions you have about the Host and its functions

Second: Take time to review the opportunity profile project description. It’s normal to have questions, so write them down and prepare to ask the Host Organization to ensure:

  • The project is clear
  • The anticipated outcome of the project, and the benefit of the project to its mission is clearly stated
  • The time required
  • Which of your skills will be utilized

Note: On all your calls remember to take notes on everything. If you decide to Experteer with this Host Organization, the information will be valuable for your Experteering Planning Guide further down the road.

Step 2: Having an Introductory Call

Introduce yourself

Share information about yourself like your career goals, motivation for going Experteering, and other interests.

Get to know the Host Organization

Use the time at the initial meeting to introduce yourself to the Host Organization and learn as much about the Host Organization and its needs as you can – think of it like an informational interview. MovingWorlds has already gathered information on the Host Organization and clarified the project and its initial scope of work. But it is still important for you to gather enough information about the project and determine if it is a good match for you.

Get to know each other

At the center of every engagement is communication. If you can’t communicate clearly, the field engagement won’t work. Use this time to get to know each other and trade stories. You can start off by asking for the story of the Hosting Organization, and the people in it.

Step 3: Decide 'match' or 'no match'

Are you interested in working with this organization or not?

After your virtual meetings you should have enough information to determine if the project is a good match for you. As soon as you make a decision, send an email to our matching team ( to let us know whether you have confirmed a match or not.

In addition, you can use our templates below to communicate your intention with the Host Organization:

  • If the Host Organization/ project IS a good fit
    Congratulations! Let the Host Organization know by sending the representative an email similar to this email tempate.

  • If the Host Organization/ project is NOT a good fit
    Write to the Host Organization, thank them for their time and inform them why you felt it wasn’t a good match. Please be honest so that the organization can improve. Also remember to email our matching team to let us know the match didn’t work and why so we can help you find a better match. Use this email template as a starter.

  • Not sure if the project is a good fit?
    That's OK! Plan another call to ask more questions and discuss it further. Here is an email template you can use. In your second call, learn more about the following:
    • The specific project and expected outcomes and deliverables
    • Share more about yours skills and interests
    • Learn more about the project timelines
    • Ask about working conditions, hours, and benefits

Step 4: Co-complete Experteering Planning Guide

Experteering Planning Guide

Work through the Experteering Planning Guide together until it’s complete. Once complete sign and submit it to MovingWorlds to confirm the formal match and start off your Experteering Engagement. Please note it is suggested that the Experteer Planning Guide is completed BEFORE the Experteer has booked the ticket to the Host Organization.

Complete the Checklist for Experteering Overseas

Start reviewing and completing the MovingWorlds Checklist for Experteering Overseas. Everything listed on the checklist is important, and takes time to complete. Be conscious of your start date on this checklist.

Step 5: Go Experteering

Additional Experteering resources

Use the MovingWorlds Experteering Additional Resources for some interesting reads and free learning resources that might help in your trip.

Write a Blog

Keep an online journal or blog and share it with your family and friends. Documenting a once in a lifetime experience like this is important. Share your blog or email updates with MovingWorlds and maybe we can publish your experience on MovingWorlds. Here are some tips for keeping a blog while Experteering.

Have fun

We know setting this up has been a lot of work and dedication, but it will be worth it. This is going to be an incredible experience for you. Sit back and watch the exciting things happen!