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Welcome to MovingWorlds, SAP Employees!

We're glad you're here. If you're on this page, it means that you work at SAP and your MovingWorlds Individual Experteering membership is being sponsored.

If you already have an account, please login.

If you're new here and getting started, please follow these steps (and if you have questions, email us at

#1: Claim your account

Create an account. You will be asked to input basic information, and then you will see a confirmation that your profile is being your reviewed. By following this unique link, your account will be automatically tagged as being sponsored by SAP. Please keep in mind that it may take up to 24 hours for your account to be upgraded to a full-access member. In the meantime, you can still work on #2 below.

#2: Improve your experteering profile

After your account is created, you'll be prompted to improve your Experteering profile.

#3: Browse projects

Once you have completed your profile, please browse projects that are part of the S-GRID program here. If you find one that is interesting, please click on that project to learn more about it.

#4: Request an introduction

If you see a project that is interesting, click on “Request Introduction”, you will then be prompted to add an introduction message. This will notify the organization that you want to support them, at which point they will be notified to review your profile. If they want to work with you, they will confirm with MovingWorlds, at which point we will introduce you together and guide next steps. Read more about this process here.

#5: Planning and ongoing support

Once you are matched, our team will guide you on next steps for the Experteering Planning Process, which you can read about here.

At any time, if you have questions and/or need help finding a project, our program team will provide you additional support to help you find and plan a high-impact project.

#6: Customized support options

If you want to support S-GRID in another way, like leading a workshop, speaking on a webinar, or helping social enterprises with networking, email us at and we'll be back in touch with options.