Welcome to S-GRID

We're thrilled to have you!

The Sustainable Growth of Revenues for International Development (S-GRID) is a program to help social enterprises achieve their growth and impact by developing revenue-based partnerships with the private sector.

S-GRID provides capacity building, know-how, and connections to help social enterprises achieve the next level of growth.

Watch the following short video for an introduction to the S-GRID program. Use the links in the outline to jump to the section most relevant to you.

I. Program Orientation & Confirmation

Complete these steps to start your involvement with S-GRID: Watch the orientation and then complete your registration by agreeing to the program participation agreement.


Watch orientation video


Confirm participation

Please complete your agreement form here.

II. Create Your Profile

Register on the MovingWorlds platform to access the Community Site and to be able to post projects for pro bono support.


Watch MovingWorlds platform demo

Watch this short video to see how to:

  1. Create a profile on MovingWorlds
  2. Add your organization (or be partnered with another organization)

Create your personal and organization profile

Create your profile as a representative of an organization here, and then create a profile for your organization.

If your organization is already on the MovingWorlds platform, email sgrid@movingworlds.org and we will associate your representative account with the existing organization profile.

At any time, you can return and edit your profile here or your organization's profile here.


Add your "Support Needs"

Your "Support Needs" are a high-level indicator of where you think your organization might need support, and it will signal to our network of experts to proactively offer support to you.


Add Team Members

Once your profile is set up, you can invite other team members from your organization to the platform in a way that they are associated with your organization and projects. Simply complete the form on this page.

III. Get Active on Community

The Community Site is where we notify you of updates, share upcoming events, and connect you with peers to share insights, ideas, and support.

S-GRID Community Explainer


Access the S-GRID Community site

Once you have an account on MovingWorlds, go to community.movingworlds.org.


Introduce yourself

Visit the introduction Topic and read about other members of the community. Then introduce yourself following the prompt here.


Meet with your "Accountability Group" every other week

Your "Accountablility Group" is a network of peers that will work with you to set goals and support each other by providing feedback to improve your business. Your group is a team of other professionals and social enterprises and will offer valuable insights.

Every other week, you'll share your priorities, and then support each other in achieving those. Read this primer on Accountability Groups.

MovingWorlds Accountability Groups

You should meet with your Accountability Group every-other-week (preferably the weeks in-between Office Hours) and do the following:

  1. Update members with progress from last week
  2. Share goals for next two weeks related to assignments and S-GRID programming
  3. Take notes and post updates to your Community Site Group.

IV. Take Assessment & Complete Assignments


Take the S-GRID assessment

Access the Assessment here.

Keep in mind that you should:

  • Answer to the best of your abilities
  • It will not affect your support - the more honest you are, the more we can help!
  • Save a copy of the .pdf report at the end

Work on Assignments

Based on your input the assessment above will create a customized recommendation of which assignments to work on next.

We recommend you work through them all eventually, but you can prioritize them based on the assessment results.

Once you complete your assessment, our team will share with you a link to your private Google Drive Folder with a copy of all your assignments.!

S-GRID assignments


Schedule time

Schedule time with MovingWorlds staff to get more support. You can ask for a short-call to review your assessment, or ask for a longer call to have a coaching session.

Request time here.

V. Post a Project

Projects are designed to complement the S-GRID program by matching you with one of our experienced experts who can help you with a specific project, training, and/or consulting — we call them "Experteers".


Watch our video

Watch this video to learn more about what we look for in Experteering projects:


Post a project

Log-in to MovingWorlds and then submit a project here.

Need inspiration? See stories of successful projects here.


Follow our guided matching process

Use the our guided Matching Process to scope a project and find the best possible Experteer.

VI. Join Office Hours


Find and register for Office Hours

See all events on our calendar below, and also in community here.

We ask you to register for each Office Hours session so that we can design the session to best meet the needs of those who will be present.

VII. Workshops and Design Challenges

These are available to you and your entire team.


Request a Design Challenge Session

Design Challenges are sessions built specifically around you and your organization's greatest needs. Our team will work with you to design a 60min live session where you can crowdsource ideas, receive feedback on your plans, and get real-time support.

Submit a request for a Design Challenge Session here.


Submit Requests and Join a Skill-Building Workshop

Skill-Building Workshops are interactive sessions featuring experts on specific topics (i.e. Set up a sales CRM, work on value propositions, etc.). By telling us your greatest needs, we can recruit the right professionals for the most relevant workshops.

Submit a request here. See upcoming workshops, webinars, and other events here.

VIII. Join Industry Leader Webinars

We assemble leaders from across sectors to share relevant news, insights, and ideas in closed-door sessions with members of S-GRID.


Register for upcoming Industry Leader webinars

See all Webinars on our calendar below, and also in community here.

We regularly host new webinars, which will be open to all active S-GRID participants, so make sure to watch out for new ones.

We ask you to register so that we can customize the presentation and relevancy for those that can attend. Even if you can't attend live, please do register which will also enable you to submit questions to the presenter.

IX. Invite Team Members

S-GRID is available to you, and your entire team!


Ask your teammates to register

To invite team members to S-GRID Community and the MovingWorlds platform, use this short form, and we will then register your teammate. This will enable them to:

  • Access S-GRID Community
  • Post new projects associated with your organization
  • Collaborate with you