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Phoenix Space

How This Works

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Organization Details

Phoenix Space is a not-for-profit organisation focused on providing space science-focused STEM education to refugee and disadvantaged students in the Middle East to improve their life opportunities. We also offer space science programs in the US and Europe, with the proceeds supporting our work with refugee children.

Phoenix Space’s educational programs will include interactive STEM courses and lectures combining scientific fundamentals with real world opportunities to implement learning, supported by an inquiry-based approach and resources for coinquiry, as well as mentoring programs, created and delivered by a powerful interdisciplinary collaboration. With partners and teachers on the ground working through a syllabus developed by educational experts, students will gain important skills in technical areas that will improve their life chances and employability. The program will also raise their aspirations in higher education and serve to inspire their peers.

Impact Story

As a consequence of the Syrian refugee crisis, scientific literacy among displaced youth has been reduced to a critically low level. Building scientific and technological literacy is essential to individual and collective prosperity as it raises the quality of public and private decision making.

It is estimated that over 40% of Syrian refugee children living in the neighbouring hosting countries have limited access to education.  Even with free public education, there are language and financial problems (such as transportation and school supply costs). Children often forego school for work in order to contribute to household income. The key challenge in tackling the problem of the Lost Generation is developing practical solutions as a joint effort. 

We feel that this initiative would be a rare example that gives a platform for a tech / science / academic sector to contribute towards solving the problems of the humanitarian crisis.

We aim to provide our beneficiaries with holistic support to achieve personal and professional growth by inspiring and providing them with innovative space-science educational programs and training.


  • Contribute to individual flourishing and empowerment

  • Enable better employment and educational opportunities to participants

  • Inspire and empower refugee youth

  • Create alternative narrative in mainstream media about refugees


  • Teaching students useful skills in programming and science they can transfer to pursue higher education or skilled job

  • Offering post-program mentoring to interested students, to help them pursue higher education

  • Use the visibility of Open Space program and other internationally recognised partners to bring the story of Phoenix Space to international audience, and change the narrative concerning young refugees

  • Work with academic institutions to ensure the high quality program offer