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Phoenix Space

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Organization Details

Phoenix Space is a groundbreaking educational project to educate and inspire disadvantaged youth through space science and an orbital experiment.

In brief, we operate 7 centers in Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon with 10 months of classes, 14 weekly intensive study programs, total 120 of learning hours with science professionals, up to 120 students, 3 high altitude balloons launches, 1 satellite construction and launch! 

We are working together with our partners on one goal – delivering exceptional collaborative experience to empower refugee communities and produce an exceptional STEM education model for disadvantaged communities, based on the central theme of space and space science, combining mathematics, electronics, physics and project management.

Our 2020 educational program will culminate in launching into space a satellite that will not only be partially constructed and programmed by the students but will also broadcast their message into space!

Impact Story

Phoenix Space was created in order to address the consequences of the lost generation among refugee children. The key challenge in tackling the problem of the lost generation is developing practical solutions as a joint effort. The inadequate handling of the refugee crisis and the oftentimes limited resources available in the affected countries point to the conclusion that the solution is no longer confined to the domain of government institutions – individuals and organizations need to come together in a coordinated manner and play a greater role in empowering refugees, particularly when it comes to such fundamental rights as education.

We feel that this initiative would be a rare example that gives a platform for a tech / science / academic sector to contribute towards solving the problems of the humanitarian crisis.


  • Increase the educational chances and employability of high school students from disadvantaged communities

  • Generate support and interest for more STEM related programs for refugee students

  • Help influence the perception of refugees, showing a story of creative and smart teenagers that are capable of building and launching a satellite


  • Teaching students useful skills in programming and science they can transfer to pursue higher education or skilled job

  • Offering post-program mentoring to interested students, to help them pursue higher education

  • Working with trusted and experienced partners on the ground to make sure all activities go as planned

  • Use the visibility of Open Space program and other internationally recognised partners to bring the story of Phoenix Space to international audience, and change the narrative concerning young refugees

  • Work with academic institutions to ensure the high quality of the program and create a model that can then be released open-source, ported and adapted for students in similar situations worldwide