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Fundraising Strategy Expert to Support Social Entrepreneurship in Cameroon

Support Quality Education,Good Health and Well-being,No Poverty

Skills Needed

  • Communications
  • Crowdfunding
  • Event Planning
  • Fundraising
  • Investments

Estimated workload



Project Execution (Typically 1 - 6 months)

When Can You Start?

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Project Details

Description and Impact

Our organization, Action Lab, exists to support local initiatives through the exchange of ideas on creative innovation and youth social entrepreneurship. We provide tools and training with a focus on sustainability, including technical support, management support, networking opportunities, as well as vocational education via open source design networks with our partners. We facilitate ongoing knowledge sharing with our partners to build a network with values of justice, fairness, and equality to meet the social and economic needs of every person on our planet. 

Action Lab is a catalyst for creative projects of youth in our communities, working towards creating a brighter future for everyone. We are looking for an experteer to assist us in expanding our impact even more by developing an effective long-term funding strategy to secure funding for the upcoming events and support services we want to offer in the future. 

This will include identifying new and innovative ways to source funding and researching funding sources or organizations in line with the funding strategy developed. We wish to achieve long-term financial security for the organization and its activities. The experteer will not be asked to make any funding request on behalf of the organization. As part of our funding strategy, we would also like support in developing an online presence to share our impact with the community and create a platform for crowdfunding.


We are looking for a passionate experteer to develop an effective long-term funding strategy by designing a website for the organization and other channels for a social media campaign. The campaign is to invite individuals, corporations, institutions, communities, and organizations to support us with their donations/funds for Action Lab to use for Social Projects arising from our social entrepreneurship training all in Tubah Sub Division in the North West Region of Cameroon.

Successful results for this project would include the experteer develop a convincing and winning campaign that depicts the seriousness of our mission of supporting, developing and stewarding entrepreneurship and creative innovation in Cameroon. This would ensure financial sustainability which will also help continue providing screening, assessment, referral and intervention, training of staffs and students in local schools, parents and community education to enhance awareness of learning differences, inclusive education, and the support services available in Cameroon.

Other requirements

• Relevant tertiary, professional or technical qualifications and/or certification.

• Experience in fundraising and resource mobilisation, ideally at international levels.

• Experience and skills in program/project management.

• Strategic vision and demonstrated ability for planning and execution, including knowledge of various donor requirements and an ability to develop and write grant proposals and concepts and track record in winning proposals.

We Provide These Local Benefits

Benefits Overview

  • Learning Opportunity

Learning Opportunity

  • Personal guided tour of Cameroon – at Experteer’s expense
  • Historical and natural attractions
  • Letters of recommendation for your future jobs or contracts
  • Mention in our website created

Additional Benefits

  • International exposure
  • Experience integrating marketing/social media into growth of an organization
  • Cultural interaction
  • The beauty of the country of Cameroon
  • Witness the incredible dedication and innovation of Cameroonians helping their communities


This project accepts applications for virtual experteers.

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