Community Health Education Experteer

Support Good Health and Well-being in Belo, Cameroon

Nursing, Medical Professionals, Entrepreneurship, Teaching
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as soon as possible
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4 weeks to 5¾ months
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Accommodations, Learning Opportunity, Meal Stipend

We think this is an engaging project for the experienced medical and community wellness professional to support health initiatives in Belo, Cameroon in exchange for accommodation.

Opportunity Details


Our organization is a non-profit that aims to be the most innovative and responsive community-based organization by activating social solidarity amongst orphans, organic agriculture, women empowerment and environmental sustainability to turn the tides against the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS on the people of Belo and Boyo division. This challenge should be tackled at the parental stage with families. The education expert could hold talks and conduct workshops with girls, boys and families on how best this challenge can be handled and ultimately alleviated

The inhabitants of Belo sub division are Kom and they speak "Itanghi Ikom" and learn French and English in school. We are working on sustainable solutions for a better environment and health

The youth were very proactive to start a program called Football  for Action against HIV/AIDS and social independent. We encourage people to know their HIV status through testing and voluntary counseling through enlightening the community about how HIV was spread and how people could avoid contracting it. Those who were already affected we referred them to hospital.  We are also promoting diabetic prevention and care and would like to relay that message in school while creating School health clubs

The main objective is to develop a community and the neighboring villages  with a holistically through self-help initiatives and campaigns in all health topic that are preventable which are also silent killers in Africa today. 


  •   Experteer will conduct 4 community outreach meetings to discuss preventative health
  •   Experteer will create educational pamphlets to distribute regarding health issues
  •   Experteer will consult and educate the football team on HIV/AIDs prevention
  •   Experteer will conduct (100) exams to detect life-threatening illnesses early on

We shall know that this project is successful when we have less orphans coming to join the project so there will also be less deaths. We shall have more children stay in school to show prove that they are healthy.


  • Nursing
  • Medical Professionals
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Teaching


  • English


  • French

We Provide These Local Benefits


we have a 3 room apartment house that could house 5 people and they share a room with two toilets and a bath


We have a cook that provide 3 meals a day but experteers contribute to their meals too.


  • We are a growing organization and works for the community development, promotion of better opportunities, improving standards of living and provides assistance to the social sector.
  • Experteers will help the community to provide customized solutions keeping in view of the community needs and to develop mutually beneficial relationships to foster Education, Culture, Tourism and international exchange of ideas.
  • Experteers will also gain experience in variety of fields including; social work, children and youth development, HIV/AIDS awareness and sports development
  • This will be an opportunity to have a taste of real Kom delicacies. Staying within our community, will give experteers an ample opportunity to learn and experience way of life and cultural practices.
  • The experteer will learn our local language and Learn local cooking



  • We can offer local tourist guide and free leisure activities and traditional stories, cultures and entertainment.
  • Visit Museums, Parks, Historic places such as palaces and .cliff walks
  • Kisumu is a Lakeside City with a lot of leisure activities.

Note: Depending on the Experteers interests and specific project details we may ask that the Experteer cover some of their own in-country transportation costs


This opportunity accepts applications for virtual experteers.

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Currently accepting applications


Industry: Civic & Social Organization, Farming, Travel & Tourism

Mission: Good Health and Well-being

Size: Startup: 2 - 5 persons

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