Healthy Snacks Ambassador - Nutrition Expert

Support Quality Education in El Pino, Honduras

Food Management & Gastronomy, Operations
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as soon as possible
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6 weeks to 12 months
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Accommodations, Learning Opportunity, Good For Families

We think this is an immersive project for the seasoned chef or nutrition professional to support child health in El Porvenir, Honduras in exchange for free housing!

Opportunity Details


We are a diverse and collaborative group, coordinating projects to support education, health & hygiene, creative expression and community. We provide literacy projects in both Spanish and English.  Our programs include teaching English as a second language so our children can pursue education and employment opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable.  We value partnerships with Honduran community members and with experts from all over the world. 

A large percentage of the children who attend our free classes are arriving hungry. Food insecurity is a big problem in our community and the goal of the Healthy Snacks program is to provide a protein filled snack to each child who attends our free classes. A registered dietician/nutritionist provides appropriate recipes, rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. For many of our kids, this may be the most nourishing meal of the day. A secondary goal of the Healthy Snack Program is to make a program that is sustainable. To do so, we have incorporated as many local ingredients as possible into our recipes.The Healthy Snacks Ambassador works directly with the project manager and the dietician/nutritionist to maintain and assess the impact of the program.


The goal is to extend the program to incorporate community members to prepare the food. The Healthy Snacks Ambassador will be responsible for the following:

 Orchestrating the securing of ingredients for snack recipes on a weekly basis.

 Organizing the snack preparation schedule.

 Train volunteers and community members in the preparation of recipes.

 Conduct likability and acceptability surveys with the kids when new recipes are introduced.

 Collect all data in an excel spreadsheet.

This role seeks an individual who possesses the following qualities:

 High comfort level with cooking and following recipes.

 High comfort level in coaching others in the cooking process.

 Has a good understanding of human nutrition and the basic components of food.

 Ability to read and understand food labels.

 Preferably bilingual.

Ideally, the candidate has completed or is in the process of pursuing a degree in culinary arts, nutrition/dietetics, restaurant and resort management or hospitality OR has worked as cooking instructor or chef.

You will work as part of the management team and will coordinate with the on-site project manager, executive director, and nutritionist /dietician.


  • Food Management & Gastronomy
  • Operations


  • English


  • Spanish

We Provide These Local Benefits


Clean, comfortable and secure housing is available in a 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom beach front house. You will live with our international volunteers and should be prepared to share a room and bath with one other person.


You will learn about non-profit management, about extreme poverty and food insecurity in children. You will learn not to always believe what you read on the internet when judging different parts of the world. You will learn what it means to lead with your heart and how that generally makes things turn out ok!


A friendly and supportive and dramatically beautiful work environment and an enthusiastic letter or recommendation when you are done. You will be working with professionals in the field of nutrition.

Questions & Answers About this Opportunity

Is travel support offered or reimbursed??
Courtney, Feb 1st, 2018
Hello Courtney, Apologies for the delayed reply. I am just seeing this now! Housing, including wifi and drinking water, is provided in this role. Travel support is not available - - I'm sorry. If you're interested in speaking more about this, please contact me at and I'd be happy to set a time for us to meet!
Representative of this opportunity, Feb 1st, 2018

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Industry: Education, Fine Art, Fundraising, Music, Performing Arts, Photography, Staffing and Recruiting

Mission: Quality Education

Size: Small organization: 5 - 25 persons

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