Lomé, Togo

Marketing and Communications Experteer

Support No Poverty

Skills Needed

  • Communications
  • International Business
  • Journalism
  • Online Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing

Estimated workload



Project Execution (Typically 1 - 6 months)

Language Proficiencies

You must be able to speak English.
Additionally, speaking French, Ewewould be helpful.

When Can You Start?

You can start ASAP and stay for 4 weeks to 1¾ month



Project Details

Description and Impact

Since August 2017 we have begun scaling slowly our development program. We have received two French volunteers and initiated seven projects with local social and marginalized entrepreneurs. The two volunteers are studying sustainable development engineering. We have developed a one year plan regarding a dozen of local initiatives. Although we are serious and have a lot of good ideas and projects we don’t have volunteers and our projects are still not achieved. Our website is still unknown as well as our social network and we are not yet enough attractive to people.

In order to become more visible worldwide and promote our projects, we are looking for an experienced marketing and communications strategist to help us bring out all the values of our development program and help us to present them to potential partners, future volunteers and social and marginalized change-makers, you will communicate and negotiate with them too.


Expectations of this project are:

  • Reach at least 2 new volunteers’ organizations which become our partners
  • Publish often posts about us on every social network and share our website
  • Tell about us in media (Newspapers and others)
  • Receive at least 5 international volunteers before the end of the year
  • Promote our crowdfunding campaign
  • Find a financial partner to support our cause
  • Brand our Logo and name as well online as on the ground (flyers, T-shirt)
  • Create an event onsite.

Other requirements

Our ideal candidate is an experienced professional, with a strong interest in sustainable development and poverty alleviation in the world.

Other important requirements include knowledge of social networks and online marketing and communication skills and tools.

We Provide These Local Benefits

Benefits Overview

  • Accommodations
  • Learning Opportunity
  • Good For Groups


The Experteer will be accommodated in a guesthouse with their private bedroom. The room has its own bathroom and toilet. We could accommodate either one individual or one couple. The guesthouse is located in the safe airport area and will also be the office workplace. Many restaurants and hotels are around.

Learning Opportunity

When you will end the online part, you will then arrive in Togo for the onsite part of your work. Then you will be involved in the preparation and execution of one of our projects. Together with us and probably with a volunteer, you will take in the field all the needed actions and decisions to make a local community totally responsible for a project and also take on the ground all the needed actions and decisions to make a project be accepted by local authorities. This helps you enhance your experience in community management and international development.

Additional Benefits

This is a good opportunity for the Experteer to experience Africa and particularly a west-African country called TOGO, its local way of life, local meals, local dressing, meeting local people and live simple.

Free-time activities are planned like hiking, camping, sports, swimming, Museum, Zoo, African crafts and folks. discover the countryside and natural parks and zoo, the villages of the hinterland: surely you will love Kpalimé and its mountains and waterfalls, ready for a climbing experience. Evening relaxation would be a particular moment to let away the stress of the working day and to build friendship, a privileged moment to discuss with others about what matters to you ... and for those who would like it: a Yoga class for beginners (it is only about introducing the yoga and practising some positions for beginners and breathing), an Ewe class (local native language study) and shopping at the local traditional and village markets.

Get to the nest of sparrow-hawks and listening to their beautiful and healing song, do not forget your camera.

Visit the slavery coast and the slavery house and more.

It is up to you now to join us and help to build a better world to live in for all! Indeed our program will enhance global development and education, cross-cultural understanding, leadership among volunteers and local communities and awakening of vocations.


This project accepts applications for virtual experteers.

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