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About The TRANSFORM Support Hub

The TRANSFORM Support Hub connects social enterprises with corporates, peers, learning content, and a global community of pro bono professionals to deliver market-based solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals.

What kind of support do social entrepreneurs on the ground really need to succeed?

This is the beautiful question at the heart of the TRANSFORM Support Hub partnership between MovingWorlds, SAP, TRANSFORM, and Unilever with roots going back over a decade.



Established in 2010, MovingWorlds is a social purpose company that helps social enterprises connect with non-financial support to overcome any business challenge. Originally a skills-based volunteer matching platform, it has continued to add programmatic support – like learning, community, and networking with investors and corporate partners – to help social enterprises achieve their impact and revenue goals.

That same year, SAP, a global leader in enterprise software, began its social entrepreneurship journey partnering alongside Yunus Social Business as part of the global humanitarian response following a devastating earthquake in Haiti.



Established in 2015, TRANSFORM is a joint initiative between Unilever, the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and EY set up to improve the lives of low-income households by blending funding and bespoke business support to deliver market-based solutions to the world’s biggest development challenges. Since then, it has contributed over £40 million to this effort.



In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic crisis, social enterprises needed (and still need) more support than ever before to survive and thrive on the other side. In order to meaningfully address such a complex global challenge, it was clear that we needed global solutions - by working together across geographies and industries, we could seize this window of opportunity to truly build back better.

In that spirit, MovingWorlds collaborated with SAP to launch The Sustainable Growth of Revenues for International Development (SGRID) Program to help social enterprises create sustainable revenue streams by partnering with the corporate sector. Similarly, TRANSFORM created a new online collaboration hub to facilitate cross-sector partnerships, and the World Economic Forum launched the COVID-19 Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs to mobilise non-financial support to social enterprises at scale.



In the pursuit of these efforts, we realised that by combining the global network, proven technology, and methodology behind S-GRID with the global brand, pro bono expertise, and ecosystems that MovingWorlds, SAP, TRANSFORM, and Unilever have built over the past decade, we can help social entrepreneurs get both the financial and non-financial support they need more seamlessly, through a single global hub.

In 2022, MovingWorlds, SAP, TRANSFORM, and Unilever collaborated to launch the TRANSFORM Support Hub: a global one-stop-online-shop for both non-financial and financial support – bringing together the BEST of offerings made available by the public, private, and social sectors to support the social entrepreneurship ecosystem.

And our work is just getting started. To provide the best support for social enterprises, the TRANSFORM Support Hub continues to partner with corporations, accelerators, and other social enterprise support organisations to find the most useful resources available to changemakers. See more of our partners below:

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Scale Up SupportFor Social Entrepreneurs

  • Access pro-bono consultants, mentors, and coaches
  • Find new sales and partnership opportunities
  • Collaborate with peers
  • Access learning modules and guides for you and your team
  • Get support to raise capital

Impactful Learning and Experteering OpportunitiesFor Professionals

  • Make a meaningful impact by providing your skills to verified social enterprises in as little as 1 hour a month
  • Collaborate and network in virtual workshops, webinars, and events
  • Learn leading social impact topics and earn professional certificates

Impact, Innovation, and Employee EngagementFor Corporates

  • All-in-one solution to help you achieve your sustainability goals
  • Scalable skills-based project assignments for employees
  • Certificate-bearing education opportunities for your employees
  • Global connections to expand your social procurement efforts

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TRANSFORM Support Hub, powered by MovingWorlds, is a joint initiative between MovingWorlds, SAP, TRANSFORM, and Unilever.

TRANSFORM is an impact accelerator which connects funding, ideas and resources to support visionary impact enterprises in testing and scaling new solutions that tackle environmental challenges, improve health and wellbeing, and build inclusive economies. Led by Unilever, the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and EY, TRANSFORM operates across Africa, Asia and beyond.

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