MovingWorlds History & Background

MovingWorlds was founded in 2011 by Mark Horoszowski and Derk Norde, two individuals with a unified motivation to support social enterprise on a global scale.

Eager to contribute to social impact in a way that his previous professional roles had not allowed him to, Horoszowski planned a year-long international trip in which he volunteered his skills while furthering his knowledge of social enterprise. Norde, who was already immersed in his own social enterprise project, met Horoszowski at an event in Argentina. The two formed a quick connection and set the course for what would become MovingWorlds. Since then the ultimate goal of MovingWorlds has been to build social enterprise leaders and doers behind world-changing ideas. It operates capacity building programs for social impact organizations, a global Experteering platform and community for individuals, a career-growth fellowship, as well as customized support for corporations.

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