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This diverse and inspiring group of professionals have come from over 50 countries, spanning every generation in the workforce, and representing every major industry and sector. Our Fellows (scroll down to see them all) have gone on to start their own social enterprises, become social intrapreneurs within corporations, launch careers in corporate social responsibility, make career changes to the social enterprise sector, and much, much more.

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Across 50 countries and 19 cohorts, meet the inspiring group of people we are proud to call our Global Fellowship alumni network

Cohort 19: October 2022 Virtual Kickoff

Anh Nguyen
Expertise: Product Management & Data Analytics

Find Anh on LinkedIn
Fred Shaykis
Expertise: SaaS & User Experience

Find Fred on LinkedIn
McLain Saba
Expertise: Technology, Product Management & Strategic Delivery

Find McLain on LinkedIn
Brianna Pritchett
Expertise: UX Research & Design

Find Brianna on LinkedIn
Shraddha Mehta
Expertise: Change Management & Global Operations

Find Shraddha on LinkedIn
Tarushikha Sarvesh
Expertise: Sociology, Gender, Inclusive Development & Education

Find Tarushikha on LinkedIn
Kavya Wadhawan
Expertise: Architectural Design

Find Kavya on LinkedIn
Taylor Spurlock
Expertise: Social & Economic Development Strategy

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Mia Tran
Expertise: Production Design

Find Mia on LinkedIn
Colin Robinson
Expertise: Sales & SMB Account Management

Find Colin on LinkedIn
Jake Band
Expertise: Strategic Partnerships & Development

Find Jake on LinkedIn
Molly Harmon
Expertise: Entrepreneurship & Community Building

Find Molly on LinkedIn
Carolyn Lewis
Expertise: IT & Project Management

Find Carolyn on LinkedIn
María Ignacia Carricart
Expertise: Finance & Administration

Find María on LinkedIn
Susan Dendtler
Expertise: Counseling & Mental Health

Find Susan on LinkedIn
Brooke Wadsworth
Expertise: Communications & Engagement

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Ruhi Manek
Expertise: Tech for Good & Social Innovation

Find Ruhi on LinkedIn
Jack Roberts
Expertise: Banking Transformation & Financial Wellbeing

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Jonas Müller
Expertise: Special Needs Education

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Babalola Abdur-Rasheed
Expertise: Financial Inclusion & Community Development

Find Babalola on LinkedIn
Christina Bwana
Expertise: Operations & Product Management

Find Christina on LinkedIn
Sarika Paralkar
Expertise: Product Management & Technology

Find Sarika on LinkedIn
Deanna White
Expertise: Sales & Account Management

Find Deanna on LinkedIn
Kristine Bouscayrol
Expertise: Intellectual Property & Tech Law

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Jessawynne Parker
Expertise: Website Management & UX/UI

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Cohort 18: May 2022 Virtual Kickoff

Shawn Martin
Expertise: Higher Education, Research, & Project Management

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Purvy Patel
Expertise: Strategic Marketing and Process Optimization

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Alicia Fernandez
Expertise: Back Office Management & Business Development

Find Alicia on LinkedIn
Darcy Ziegler
Expertise: Business Development & Growth Strategy

Find Darcy on LinkedIn
Beth Ziringer
Expertise: Learning & Development

Find Beth on LinkedIn
Brenna Bunch
Expertise: Program Management & Marketing

Find Brenna on LinkedIn
Samantha Yu
Expertise: Brand Marketing, Strategy, & Partnerships

Find Samantha on LinkedIn
Bisola M
Expertise: Public Sector Communications

Find Bisola on LinkedIn
Samantha Mercado
Expertise: Public Health & Program Development

Find Samantha on LinkedIn
Michelle Juarbe García
Expertise: Marketing & Business Development

Find Michelle on LinkedIn
Venisse Vance Valdez
Expertise: Functional & Integrative Medicine

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Patricia Vickers
Expertise: Marketing Strategy, Sales, & Operations

Find Patricia on LinkedIn
Donna Lee
Expertise: Law & Public Policy

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Palm Larnroongroj
Expertise: Corporate Innovation & Program Management

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Priyanka Chandrasekar
Expertise: UX & Product Management

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Vaishali Paliwal
Expertise: Program Operations & Nonprofit Management

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Deborah Anastasi Black
Expertise: Writing, Editing, & Project Management

Find Deborah on LinkedIn
Andria Reta
Expertise: Healthcare & Technology

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Erica Bernklau
Expertise: International Expansion Customer & Seller Experience

Find Erica on LinkedIn
Haleemat Fa-Yusuf
Expertise: Project Management & Data Analytics

Find Haleemat on LinkedIn
Rachana Parmar
Expertise: Analytics & Business Intelligence

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C. Melissa Horne Neu
Expertise: Growth & Development Strategy

Find C. Melissa on LinkedIn
Wildaline Serin
Expertise: Program & Project Management

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Alejandra Perdomo
Expertise: Talent & People Management

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Shai Basys
Expertise: Strategy, Monitoring & Evaluation

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Cohort 17: October 2021 Virtual Kickoff

Dr. Stacey Chimimba Ault
Expertise: Higher Education and Race & Gender Equity

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Anna Helle
Expertise: UX Research & Research Operations

Find Anna on LinkedIn
Ashley Stefanuk
Expertise: Education & Corporate Sustainability

Find Ashley on LinkedIn
Beth Hahn
Expertise: Business Operations & Stakeholder Management

Find Beth on LinkedIn
Kelly Karbowicz Riley
Expertise: Nonprofit Management & Development

Find Kelly on LinkedIn
Alexandros Philopoulos
Expertise: Design Strategy & Customer Experience

Find Alexandros on LinkedIn
Emma Bose
Expertise: Bioengineering, Education, & Design Thinking

Find Emma on LinkedIn
Marcie Chan
Expertise: Education & Marketing

Find Marcie on LinkedIn
Erin Weiss Kaya
Expertise: Strategic Transformation

Find Erin on LinkedIn
Andria Reta
Expertise: Engagement & Corporate Social Responsibility

Find Andria on LinkedIn
Elizabeth Reisen
Expertise: Communications & Digital Strategy

Find Elizabeth on LinkedIn
Efua Gambrah
Expertise: DevOps & Product Support

Find Efua on LinkedIn
Courtney Carter Harbour
Expertise: Digital Marketing & Global Diversity Strategy

Find Courtney on LinkedIn
Hermes Gichane
Expertise: Gender Based Violence & Sexual Health

Find Hermes on LinkedIn
Anna Bradsher
Expertise: Socio-Emotional Intelligence & Transformational Leadership

Find Anna on LinkedIn
Mark Silva
Expertise: Public Health & Social Impact Management

Find Mark on LinkedIn
Eliana Jimeno
Expertise: International Peacebuilding

Find Eliana on LinkedIn
Ash Seth
Expertise: Design & Engineering for Global Development

Find Ash on LinkedIn
Kimberly Zerbe
Expertise: Marketing Operations & Project Management

Find Kimberly on LinkedIn
Bandhana Katoch
Expertise: Biotechnology & Life Sciences

Find Bandhana on LinkedIn
Maria Cândida Langbauer
Expertise: Housing & Mobility

Find Maria on LinkedIn
Alana Vaughn-Phillips
Expertise: Cleantech & Social Innovation

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Leveraging the Fellowship for a For-Purpose Career Change


“I love the MovingWorlds program and most of all, the community! Everyone is so motivated to help make the world a better place, so smart and accomplished, so insightful, and so supportive. Cole, the Director, facilitates a culture of authenticity and also breaks down the concepts so they're easy to understand and put into practice. I highly recommend MWI for people transitioning their careers - It's becoming more and more well known within the social impact space, and that space is a small world!”

Cohort 16: July 2021 Virtual Kickoff

Léa Klein
Expertise: Social Innovation, Organization Development, and Civic Engagement

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Thu Hue Nguyen
Expertise: Civic Innovation & Leadership

Find Thu Hue on LinkedIn
Saidah Bishop
Expertise: Community Engagement & Social Impact

Find Saidah on LinkedIn
Derrick Chiu
Expertise: Go-to-Market Strategy

Find Derrick on LinkedIn
Sibonay Koo
Expertise: Software Development & Product Management

Find Sibonay on LinkedIn
Chandana Sreerambhatla
Expertise: Finance & Software Development

Find Chandana on LinkedIn
Sean Jordan
Expertise: Research & Risk Management

Find Sean on LinkedIn
Chaun Lewis-Green
Expertise: Program Management & Community Development

Find Chaun on LinkedIn
Dylan Lee Naidoo
Expertise: Corporate Social Responsibility & ESG

Find Dylan on LinkedIn
Dusty Atchison
Expertise: Implementation & Customer Success

Find Dusty on LinkedIn
Clara Superfine
Expertise: Community Engagement through the Arts

Find Clara on LinkedIn
Stephen Serrao
Expertise: Structured Finance & Social Impact

Find Stephen on LinkedIn
Justine Jenné
Expertise: Social Entrepreneurship. Marketing, & Community Management

Find Justine on LinkedIn
Melissa Stephens
Expertise: Strategic Social Impact, CSR, & Volunteerism

Find Melissa on LinkedIn
Stu Dalheim
Expertise: Corporate Engagement Strategy & Investment Management

Find Stu on LinkedIn
Kieran White
Expertise: Sustainability & Entrepreneurship

Find Kieran on LinkedIn
John Cohn
Expertise: Program Management & Social Impact

Find John on LinkedIn
Nicholas Amartey
Expertise: Agribusiness & Global Value Chains

Find Nicholas on LinkedIn
Joelle Hughley
Expertise: Project & Program Management

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Dan Thomas
Expertise: Project Management & Mechanical Engineering

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Cohort 15: April 2021 Virtual Kickoff

Wahid Kamalian
Expertise: Asset Management & Advisory

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Erica Michelson
Expertise: Program Management & Data Analysis

Find Erica on LinkedIn
Pawanrat Pasawongse
Expertise: Management & Impact Consulting

Find Pawanrat on LinkedIn
Nicole Smith
Expertise: Operations & Program Management

Find Nicole on LinkedIn
Francesca Fassbender
Expertise: Finance & Marketing

Find Francesca on LinkedIn
Allan Zhang
Expertise: Financial Operations

Find Allan on LinkedIn
Lina Khaznadar
Expertise: Economic Empowerment & Strategic Partnerships

Find Lina on LinkedIn
Suzanna Pomeroy
Expertise: Circular Economy & Social Impact

Find Suzanna on LinkedIn
Jennifer Pascoe
Expertise: Marketing & Strategic Leadership

Find Jennifer on LinkedIn
Bwalya Junior Chongo
Expertise: HR & People Management

Find Bwalya on LinkedIn
Jessica Schreiber Wheeler
Expertise: Agile Project Management & Social Impact

Find Jessica on LinkedIn
Vriti Jain
Expertise: Software Development

Find Vriti on LinkedIn
Paige DePagter
Expertise: Health Innovation

Find Paige on LinkedIn
Amritha Ivatoori
Expertise: Product & Platform Analysis

Find Amritha on LinkedIn
Ketan Awasthi
Expertise: Partnerships & Business Development

Find Ketan on LinkedIn
Aaron Fentress
Expertise: Copywriting & Editing

Find Aaron on LinkedIn
Thea Bourke
Expertise: Communications & Engagement

Find Thea on LinkedIn
Sonali George
Expertise: Program Management & CSR

Find Sonali on LinkedIn
Mohamed Alansari
Expertise: Philanthropy & CSR

Find Mohamed on LinkedIn
Michelle Kanama
Expertise: Digital Marketing

Find Michelle on LinkedIn
Sarah Nasimiyu
Expertise: Social Impact, Monitoring & Evaluation

Find Sarah on LinkedIn
Bassam Atallah
Expertise: Neuroscience & Mathematics

Cohort 14: February 2021 Virtual Kickoff

Adetola Salau
Expertise: Education Reform & STEM

Find Adetola on LinkedIn
Jacopo Fava
Expertise: Transportation, Logistics, & Supply Chain Management

Find Jacopo on LinkedIn
Samanta Fonseca
Expertise: Business & Program Management

Find Samanta on LinkedIn
Kira Farris
Expertise: Financial Strategy & Consulting

Find Kira on LinkedIn
Illana Hoffer
Expertise: CSR, PR, & Communications

Find Illana on LinkedIn
Heather Hutchison
Expertise: Fundraising & Community Partnerships

Find Heather on LinkedIn
Amy Danner
Expertise: Business Transformation & Investments

Find Amy on LinkedIn
Randy Penn
Expertise: Strategic Marketing & Business Development

Find Randy on LinkedIn
Yumi Lewis
Expertise: Relationship Management & Tech for Good

Find Yumi on LinkedIn
Cody Martian
Expertise: Business Valuation, Modeling, & Robotic Process Automation

Find Cody on LinkedIn
Sam Mabruk
Expertise: Program & Project Management

Find Sam on LinkedIn
Kourtney Simons
Expertise: Global Media & Entertainment

Find Kourtney on LinkedIn
Heike Bitterle
Expertise: Creative Strategy & Business Development

Find Heike on LinkedIn
Marissa Green
Expertise: Employee Engagement and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Find Marissa on LinkedIn
Thiago Scabbia
Expertise: Logistics Engineering

Find Thiago on LinkedIn
Lindsay Malloy
Expertise: Metallurgy & Failure Analysis

Find Lindsay on LinkedIn
Shubhi Gandhi
Expertise: Financial Accounting & Reporting

Find Shubhi on LinkedIn
Marisa Rizzuti
Expertise: Public Service & Fundraising

Find Marisa on LinkedIn
Serge Claude Eboa Edoube, Ph.D
Expertise: Banking, Sustainable Development Finance, & Financial Engineering

Find Serge on LinkedIn
Lukasz Czerwinski
Expertise: Sustainability & Social Impact

Find Lukasz on LinkedIn
Katerina Msafari
Expertise: Business Development & Investment Analysis

Find Katerina on LinkedIn
Ivy Teng Lei
Expertise: Growth Marketing & Tech for Good

Find Ivy on LinkedIn
Kellyn Lovell
Expertise: Storytelling & Fundraising

Find Kellyn on LinkedIn
John Wall
Expertise: Data Strategy & Analytics

Find John on LinkedIn

Cohort 13: October 2020 Virtual Kickoff

Jing Han
Expertise: Electrical & Biomedical Engineering

Find Jing on LinkedIn
LaShonda Smith
Expertise: Partnerships & Community Development

Find LaShonda on LinkedIn
Joana Petrova
Expertise: Entrepreneurial Finance

Find Joana on LinkedIn
Michelle van Waveren
Expertise: Communications Strategy & Management

Find Michelle on LinkedIn
Asha Metcalf
Expertise: Sociology & Human-Centered Design

Find Asha on LinkedIn
Karen Fagan
Expertise: Finance & Business Management

Find Karen on LinkedIn
Dana Wait
Expertise: Strategic Design & User-Centered Research

Find Dana on LinkedIn
Lucia Modesto
Expertise: Strategic Partnerships

Find Lucia on LinkedIn
Sherine Elamad
Expertise: Program Management & Community Impact

Find Sherine on LinkedIn
Neil Davis
Expertise: Software Engineering

Find Neil on LinkedIn
Kelsey Dickerson
Expertise: Procurement Technology & Operations

Find Kelsey on LinkedIn
Penny Cupp
Expertise: Business Intelligence & Information Technology

Find Penny on LinkedIn
Oscar Wang
Expertise: Software Engineering

Find Oscar on LinkedIn
Courtney Walton
Expertise: Mental Health & Program Management

Find Courtney on LinkedIn
Priya Patel
Expertise: Finance & Corporate Strategy

Find Priya on LinkedIn
Clare Healy
Expertise: Program Management & Corporate Social Responsibility

Find Clare on LinkedIn
Sahabia Ahmed
Expertise: Risk Modeling & Economics

Find Sahabia on LinkedIn
John Trumble
Expertise: Content & Customer Experience

Find John on LinkedIn
Taylor Timinsky
Expertise: Project Management & Public Diplomacy

Find Taylor on LinkedIn
Julia Seifert
Expertise: Project Management & Social Research

Reuben Gan
Expertise: Digital Marketing & Brand Development

Find Reuben on LinkedIn
Marlana Malerich
Expertise: Partnerships & Sustainability

Find Marlana on LinkedIn
Belén Roldán González
Expertise: Corporate Partnerships & Philanthropy

Find Belén on LinkedIn
Jessica DiMascio
Expertise: Community Engagement & Strategic Partnerships

Find Jessica on LinkedIn
Yamindi Wickramaarachchi
Expertise: Commercial Banking

Find Yamindi on LinkedIn
Anju Mahendroo
Expertise: Social Innovation & Philanthropy

Find Anju on LinkedIn
Vinnie Jain
Expertise: Marketing, Communications, & CS Engineering

Find Vinnie on LinkedIn
Kylie Grader
Expertise: Communications, Culture, & Corporate Social Responsibility

Find Kylie on LinkedIn

Launching a Career in Corporate Social Responsibility


“The program helped me develop a new perspective and challenge assumptions I had taken for granted before. I’ve learned how to be a true systems thinker, which has given me the ability to approach any challenge, interview, job search, or future venture from various angles and then pull it all together.”

Read Anna's Story

Cohort 12: July 2020 Virtual Kickoff

Jane Martin
Expertise: Textile and Garment Development & Sourcing

Find Jane on LinkedIn
Deidre Clark
Expertise: Visual Arts & Retail Operations

Find Deidre on LinkedIn
Aimée Bruederle
Expertise: Public Health & Global Development

Find Aimée on LinkedIn
Cathryn McClellan Kelly
Expertise: Corporate Social Responsibility & Talent Development

Find Cathryn on LinkedIn
Tracy Klein
Expertise: Brand Strategy & Marketing

Find Tracy on LinkedIn
Alexandra Nowak
Expertise: Strategic Communications

Find Alexandra on LinkedIn
Crystallee Crain
Expertise: Human Rights & Nonprofit Operations

Find Crystallee on LinkedIn
Shannon Barr
Expertise: Program Management & Social Impact

Find Shannon on LinkedIn
Jack Foreman
Expertise: Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships

Find Jack on LinkedIn
Wandalee Reyes
Expertise: Instructional Design

Find Wandalee on LinkedIn
Sarah Gonzalez
Expertise: Career Coaching

Find Sarah on LinkedIn
Shannon Boselli
Expertise: Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

Find Shannon on LinkedIn
Amanda Holup
Expertise: Strategic Growth & Brand Management

Find Amanda on LinkedIn
Jackie Moyes
Expertise: Global Digital Strategy

Find Jackie on LinkedIn
Josefine Staats
Expertise: Social Entrepreneurship & Public Affairs

Find Josefine on LinkedIn
Meagan Welsh
Expertise: Occupational Therapy

Find Meagan on LinkedIn
Anna Derinova-Hartmann
Expertise: Program Management & Agile Technology

Find Anna on LinkedIn
Teddy Florea
Expertise: Business Development & Strategic Marketing

Find Teddy on LinkedIn
Camille Barzey
Expertise: Information Architecture, SharePoint, & Design

Find Camille on LinkedIn
Virginia Head
Expertise: Environmental Impact

Find Virginia on LinkedIn
Wilberlee Range
Expertise: Education Policy

Find Wilberlee on LinkedIn
Lotta Rao
Expertise: Strategic Communications

Find Lotta on LinkedIn
Leatra Tate
Expertise: Community Engagement & Education

Find Leatra on LinkedIn
Noha Kawanna
Expertise: Project Management & Fundraising

Find Noha on LinkedIn
Joseph Petosa
Expertise: Private Equity & Investment Banking

Find Joseph on LinkedIn
Angela Hiuhu
Expertise: Education & Portfolio Management

Find Angela on LinkedIn
Kathryn Berenschot
Expertise: Finance & Governance

Find Kathryn on LinkedIn
Mara Cortona
Expertise: Aerospace Technology & Public Policy

Find Mara on LinkedIn
Aditi Phadnis
Expertise: Financial Analysis & Impact Consulting

Find Aditi on LinkedIn
Lucy Oduor
Expertise: Marketing & Communications

Find Lucy on LinkedIn

A Career Change to the Intersection of Tech and Social Justice


“I got the guidance and structure I needed to figure out what I should be thinking about when it came to professional development, and where I should be focusing my efforts – building a plan for networking, a plan for applying to jobs, and a plan for personal branding. Instead of randomly sending out resumes or reaching out for 1:1s, I was able to plan and measure the actions I was taking within a more organized overarching plan.”

Read Stef's Story

Cohort 11: April 2020 Kickoff in New York City

Dee Luo
Expertise: Product Management

Find Dee on LinkedIn
Jesse Maddex
Expertise: Social Enterprise Technology & Business Development

Find Jesse on LinkedIn
Marissa Franco
Expertise: Technical Project Management

Find Marissa on LinkedIn
Chenghui (Keith) Xu
Expertise: Human Resources & Social Entrepreneurship

Find Keith on LinkedIn
Katalin Kaplar
Expertise: Human Resources & Sustainable Development

Find Katalin on LinkedIn
Lewis Rowe
Expertise: Strategy & Design

Find Lewis on LinkedIn
Sonya Rudenstine
Expertise: Legal Consulting & Project Management

Find Sonya on LinkedIn
Ted Miller
Expertise: Finance & Accounting

Find Ted on LinkedIn
Yui Shapard
Expertise: Veterinary Medicine

Find Yui on LinkedIn
Kecia McGlothan Williams
Expertise: Software Development & STEM Coaching

Find Kecia on LinkedIn
Kelsey Reed
Expertise: Project Management & Enterprise Delivery Services

Find Kelsey on LinkedIn
Melissa Ferretti
Expertise: Environmental Engineering & Planning

Find Melissa on LinkedIn
Jade Brown
Expertise: Operations & Event Management

Find Jade on LinkedIn
Michael Cornacchia
Expertise: Data Analytics & Product Management

Find Michael on LinkedIn
Azaleah Peterson
Expertise: Corporate Social Responsibility & Communications

Find Azaleah on LinkedIn
Jennifer Archila
Expertise: Change Management & Organizational Psychology

Find Jennifer on LinkedIn
Cindy Diakité
Expertise: Investment Banking

Find Cindy on LinkedIn
Irit Seligman
Expertise: Software Testing, Automation & Development

Find Irit on LinkedIn
Shannan Chapman
Expertise: Systems Engineering & Project Management

Find Shannan on LinkedIn
Stef Milczarek
Expertise: Management and Technology Consulting

Find Stef on LinkedIn
Andrea Mejia
Expertise: Financial Analysis & Risk Management

Find Andrea on LinkedIn

A New Career at the Intersection of Tech, Health, & Social Impact


“I found two roles, one with a social enterprise and one with a non-profit. I have a dual career now, and both roles are a direct result of the Fellowship program.”

Read Lewis's Story

Cohort 10: January 2020 Kickoff in Mexico City

Katy Munden Penner
Expertise: Marketing & Content Strategy

Find Katy on LinkedIn
Daniela Fuentes
Expertise: Social Innovation & Sustainability

Find Daniela on LinkedIn
Gail Bailey
Expertise: Strategic Communications & Content Development

Find Gail on LinkedIn
Michael Hepler
Expertise: Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Find Michael on LinkedIn
Lauren Glenmere Furmanek
Expertise: Human Rights Philanthropy

Find Lauren on LinkedIn
Brenda Rivera
Expertise: Impact Program Leadership & Business Operations

Find Brenda on LinkedIn
Melvina Thomas
Expertise: Rule of Law & Human Rights

Find Melvina on LinkedIn
Eric Gransaull
Expertise: Industrial Design

See Eric's portfolio
Eunice Lara-Castañeda
Expertise: Arts Project Management & Event Production

Find Eunice on LinkedIn
Eralee Rivera
Expertise: Design Research

Find Eralee on LinkedIn
Verity Poser
Expertise: Engineering & CRM Administration

Find Verity on LinkedIn
Shane Horan
Expertise: Mechanical Engineering & Business Operations

Find Shane on LinkedIn
Dganit Abramoff
Expertise: Policy & Advocacy

Find Dganit on LinkedIn
Isamar Vega
Expertise: Education Policy & Strategy

Find Isamar on LinkedIn

From For-Profit to For-Purpose


“It makes such a difference going through this process with a close-knit group of people who really believe in me, and for that reason aren’t afraid to challenge me when I’m thinking too small and am capable of more. Just today our accountability group was reflecting on how much we’ve catalyzed each other’s development and grown in such a short period of time.”

Read Priya's Story

Cohort 9: October 2019 Kickoff in San Francisco

Rana Kheradmandan
Expertise: Business Development & Supply Chain

Find Rana on LinkedIn
Brandon Barnett
Expertise: Financial Planning & Analysis

Find Brandon on LinkedIn
Justin Smith
Expertise: Program Development & Management

Find Justin on LinkedIn
Eric Le Tai
Expertise: Designer & Art Director

Find Eric on LinkedIn
Maggie Dreifuerst
Expertise: Data Analytics & Product Management

Find Maggie on LinkedIn
Rachel Kinnison
Expertise: Implementation Consulting

Find Rachel on LinkedIn
Corey Zimmerman
Expertise: Policy & Scaling Strategies

Find Corey on LinkedIn
Bryce Cosgrove
Expertise: Global Finance

Find Bryce on LinkedIn
Ethan Hallberg
Expertise: Public Finance

Find Ethan on LinkedIn
Shandara Gill
Expertise: Entrepreneurship & Yoga

Find Shandara on LinkedIn
Vivie Nguyen
Expertise: CSR & Community Engagement

Find Vivie on LinkedIn
Riley Smith
Expertise: Change Management Consulting

Find Riley on LinkedIn
Jodi Suckle
Expertise: Project Management & Event Planning

Find Jodi on LinkedIn
Sarah Farnsworth
Expertise: Government Relations & International Development

Find Sarah on LinkedIn
Natalie Long
Expertise: Product Management & Strategy

Find Natalie on LinkedIn

Jobcrafting Her Way to a New Career During a Pandemic


“the Fellowship program helped me build my confidence and self-knowledge around my own capabilities and needs. That in turn helped me show up more authentically and have the courage to negotiate for them. That’s something I’ve struggled with my whole life, and what I’ve learned through this experience is that if you don’t state what you want, you aren’t going to get it.”

Read Maria's Story

Cohort 8: July 2019 Kickoff in Lisbon

Natalia Rudiak
Expertise: Public Policy

Find Natalia on LinkedIn
Elisa Iannacone
Expertise: Publishing & Media

Find Elisa on LinkedIn
Jason Quirk
Expertise: Visual Design & Research

Find Jason on LinkedIn
Jennifer Cho
Expertise: Multimedia & Communications

Find Jennifer on LinkedIn
Amanda Koonjbeharry
Expertise: Public Policy

Find Amanda on LinkedIn
Joelle Atallah
Expertise: Design Thinking & Visual Communication

Find Joelle on LinkedIn
Devika Wadhawan
Expertise: Global Communications

Find Devika on LinkedIn
Salvatore Di Dio
Expertise: Design, Research, & Management

Find Salvatore on LinkedIn
Jingying Chan
Expertise: Financial Services & Investments

Find Jingying on LinkedIn
Maria D'Angelo
Expertise: Operations & Supply Chain Sourcing

Find Maria on LinkedIn
Paula Onet
Expertise: Multimedia & Film

Find Paula on LinkedIn

Putting Theory Into Practice


“I studied social entrepreneurship academically, but didn’t have enough real hands-on experience with a Base of the Pyramid (BoP) community. The social impact project through MovingWorlds was a great opportunity to have that exposure.”

Read Yaser's Story

Cohort 7: April 2019 Kickoff in Seattle

Joy Moody
Expertise: Business Administration

Find Joy on LinkedIn
Tina Moore
Expertise: Technology Consulting

Find Tina on LinkedIn
Amanda Provenzano
Expertise: Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Find Amanda on LinkedIn
Ricardo Lopez
Expertise: Sustainability & Entrepreneurship

Find Ricardo on LinkedIn
Carol Rashawnna Williams
Expertise: Professional Artist

Find Carol on LinkedIn
Colleen Cosgrove
Expertise: Business Operations & Program Management

Find Colleen on LinkedIn
Yaser Alhindi
Expertise: Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Business

Find Yaser on LinkedIn
Rebecca Lang
Expertise: Mathematics & Actuarial Science

Find Rebecca on LinkedIn
Charlotte Nugent
Expertise: Management Consulting & Human Capital

Find Charlotte on LinkedIn

Launching a More Fulfilling Social Impact Career


“I had the chance to apply these concepts I was learning in the Fellowship, like systems mapping and partnership development, in a real-world context. Stepping outside of my comfort zone made me realize how many other areas I could add value besides just finance, and the ability to experiment and test tactics reaffirmed this growth mindset.”

Read Ivo's Story

Cohort 6: January 2019 Kickoff in Mexico City

Ivo van Hoeve
Expertise: Finance & Accounting

Find Ivo on LinkedIn
Chloe Warren
Expertise: Finance & Capital Markets

Find Chloe on LinkedIn
Heather Quinn
Expertise: Nonprofit Strategy & Development

Find Heather on LinkedIn
Madeline Renov
Expertise: Development Strategy Design & Consulting

Find Madeline on LinkedIn
Tiffany Zerby
Expertise: Marketing & Communications

Find Tiffany on LinkedIn
Sam Dang
Expertise: Finance & Accounting

Find Sam on LinkedIn
Caroline Meledo
Expertise: Corporate Social Responsibility & Human Rights

Find Caroline on LinkedIn
Casi Roethler
Expertise: Healthcare Operations & Program Management

Find Casi on LinkedIn

How this Entrepreneur Embraced Change to Find Purpose


“I grew in self-reliance and self-regulation. I especially grew in self-authorship. I am the author and the authority of my own life now more than ever before. I don’t expect to be ‘normal’ anymore. I am ok with being an outlier. I like being with the innovators and early adopters in models of personal and professional life.”

Read Andreia's Story

Cohort 5: September 2018 Kickoff in Washington, D.C.

Michelle Levy
Expertise: Investment Banking & Impact Investing

Find Michelle on LinkedIn
Amy Malaki
Expertise: Business Development & Program Management

Find Amy on LinkedIn
Sabrina Roach
Expertise: Media & Technology

Find Sabrina on LinkedIn
DBora Schrett
Expertise: Public Health & Policy

Find DBora on LinkedIn
Andreia Mitrea
Expertise: Education & Consulting

Find Andreia on LinkedIn
Amy Bradshaw
Expertise: Management Consulting

Find Amy on LinkedIn
Rose Marie Azevedo Santana
Expertise: Business Development & Project Management

Find Rose Marie on LinkedIn
Holly Pearson
Expertise: Urban Planning & Policy

Find Holly on LinkedIn
Clarence Edwards
Expertise: Foreign Affairs & Consulting

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Patricia Julio
Expertise: Nonprofit Strategy & Consulting

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Build a Career Around Her Strengths


“Participating in the Global Fellowship program was life-changing for me. When I met the other professionals in my cohort in Amsterdam, I realized that I wasn’t the only one having doubts and fears about fitting in to the profit-driven corporate world. Seeing how much we had in common gave me a sense of peace and confidence; I was able to focus on making my goals a reality, rather than wondering if I was “crazy” for wanting more than the status quo.”

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Cohort 4: May 2018 Kickoff in Amsterdam

Grace Sebugah
Expertise: Capacity Building & Program Management

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Rabeka Alexander
Expertise: Business Strategy

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Danielle Iannotti
Expertise: Marketing & Communications

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Sana Mahmood
Expertise: Architecture & Interior Design

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Thais Bueno Rodrigues
Expertise: Business Management & Marketing

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Gabriela Epure
Expertise: Supply Chain & Lean Management

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Lorena Brothers
Expertise: Research & Design

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Victoria Ventosa
Expertise: Program Management & Process Engineering

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Getting Away to Get Ahead


“On a personal level, the biggest highlight has been getting to know myself a bit better. Getting out of my comfort zone challenged me to uncover who I really am at my core – what makes me happy, what scares me, what energizes me, what brings me down. That kind of self-knowledge is empowering, and will help me navigate my career moving forward in the best way for me.”

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Cohort 3: January 2018 Kickoff in San Francisco

Taylor Light
Expertise: Design & Marketing

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Maron Demissie
Expertise: Strategic Consulting & Design

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Joana Maria
Expertise: Research & Development

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Leanne Campbell
Expertise: Strategic Planning & Stakeholder Engagement

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Natosha Safo
Expertise: Education & Civic Engagement

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TJ Little
Expertise: Business Development

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Alejandro Raygoza
Expertise: Behavioral Economics

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Heather Chance
Expertise: Learning & Development

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Faith Lin
Expertise: Customer Experience & Civic Engagement

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Abby Rubley
Expertise: Teaching & Strategic Communications

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Stretching Professionally to Find Clarity in the Unknown


“As a result of participating in MWI, I gained new skills while exploring my passion for trying new things and taking on new challenges. The biggest change I see in myself is the ability to be comfortable being uncomfortable. I have updated my resume and LinkedIn to reflect the many aspects of what I have learned about myself through the fellowship, and what I will do next. This self-reflection, plus the networking and educational opportunities afforded to me by this program, have given me the clarity I was seeking.”

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Cohort 2: June 2017 Kickoff in Seattle

Shalini Krishnan
Expertise: UX Design & Research

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Kathy Thrailkill
Expertise: Marketing & Business Operations

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Sumit Kumar
Expertise: Software Development & Engineering

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Brigette Lynch
Expertise: Finance & Management Consulting

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Alejandro Acosta
Expertise: Software Development & Technology

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Caitlin Halpert
Expertise: Digital Marketing & Technology

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Kristin Bredemeier
Expertise: Organizational Change & Innovation

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Nche Onyema
Expertise: Marketing & Community Engagement

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Jill Ritchot
Expertise: Communications & Policy

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Kelly Shannon
Expertise: Financial Analysis & Strategic Partnerships

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Ankita Patel
Expertise: Public Policy & Strategic Planning

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Vicky Rodriguez
Expertise: Fundraising & Strategy

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Fernanda Oliveira
Expertise: Marketing & Communications

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Ashkaan Khatakhotan
Expertise: UI/UX Design & Technology

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Tammy Freeman
Expertise: Management Consulting & Program Management

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Lucia Ordonez-Gamero
Expertise: Capital Markets & Business Analysis

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Growing as a Women's Rights Advocate in Zambia


“The MWI experience is a highly individualized experience. I feel like this program allows you ground yourself in design thinking and build relationships to solve today’s issues. My advice to anyone who joins this program is to be a self-starter, and keep a positive can-do attitude.”

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Cohort 1: January 2017 Kickoff in Seattle

Karen Betancourt
Expertise: Operations & Program Management

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Regula Enneturgen
Expertise: Finance & Business Strategy

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Davide Strusani
Expertise: Impact Investing & Strategy

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Devesh Rathore
Expertise: Technical Program Management

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Christie Ferreira
Expertise: Project Management & Clinical Research

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Venetia Breene
Expertise: Marketing & Communications

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Michelle Abramson
Expertise: Program Management

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Tommy Yacoe
Expertise: Videography & Photography

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Jamie Daughtery
Expertise: Healthcare Management

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Heather Watkins
Expertise: Marketing Strategy & Demand Generation

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Mirna Franic
Expertise: Communications & Facilitation

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Jessica Elliott
Expertise: Architecture & Design

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Celia Bastis
Expertise: Strategic Planning & Change Management

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