About Service Corps Mission Projects

Tableau Foundation is excited to announce the launch of Tableau Service Corps Mission Projects, a selective, application-only program for Tableau employees. Building upon the success of Tableau Service Corps, “Mission Projects” will allow one to two accepted employees per quarter to work onsite with a Tableau Foundation Mission Grant Partner for up to 3 weeks. Selected volunteers will engage in meaningful Tableau training, consulting, and Tableau-based project work, helping advance Tableau Foundation’s mission of using facts and analytical reasoning to solve world problems.

For the pilot, all projects will be with Tableau Foundation grant partners who have received donated software, services and financial support. Projects will be centered on building the nonprofit’s skills and capacity to use data.

Tableau will cover the cost of travel and lodging, as well as awarding paid volunteer leave for the duration of the project. Tableau Service Corps has provided tremendous value to our nonprofit community, and we hope that these extended pro bono engagements will allow our closest partners to have even more impact using data.

Interested applicants should browse the available project(s) below, learn more about the program here, and then apply here.

About Tableau Foundation

The Tableau Foundation is a philanthropic initiative led by the employees of Tableau Software that encourages the use of facts and analytical reasoning to solve the world’s problems. Tableau Foundation grants combine Tableau’s two most valuable resources — its people and its products — with financial support to nonprofits that are using data to reshape communities around the globe. To learn more, please visit www.tableaufoundation.org.


Tableau Foundation has partnered with MovingWorlds, a leader in international skills-based volunteering, to co-design and co-manage the Mission Projects program. Every Mission Project, supported by MovingWorlds, will directly benefit an existing nonprofit partner that has received a Tableau Foundation Mission Grant.

Project Examples

All projects will involve you using your skills and product knowledge to support a key partner to Tableau Foundation. You will provide training, consulting, and/or project-based support to help solve an immediate challenge while transferring know-how and skills to equip the local team for long-term success. For examples of Experteering projects, see MovingWorlds Experteering Stories.

Browse Available Mission Projects and Apply

After you have manager approval, you can apply here.


What are the application requirements?

To apply, you must complete the full application form. Prior to submitting the application, you need to have approval from your manager (email approval is fine) that you can apply for the program.

Who is eligible?

Employees in good standing with intermediate to advanced Tableau skills. Demonstration of Tableau core values and tenure (3 years or greater) will be additional inputs into the decision process during the pilot phase.

Why do I need manager approval?

We ask you to get manager approval to ensure you have the adequate support while undertaking this experience. In addition, because the work will be immersive and full time, we need to know that your manager can afford to have you gone for an extended period of time.

How do I get manager approval?

We have created some resources to help you explain the program with your manager. See attached Manager Support document.

At what point in the process should I reach out to get manager approval?

The earlier you start this conversation, the better. Consider discussing this with your manager as a possibility as soon as you start considering it. At the latest, you should have approval before you apply.

What personal costs will I have to cover?

Tableau will cover travel to and from the project site as well as lodging and meals during your stay. All expenses should be in line with existing Tableau travel & expense policy. Anything outside of travel, lodging, and meals will be a personal expense. Tableau will only cover costs for the defined period of the project. If you elect to extend your stay in the host country beyond the defined project terms, you will be responsible for those costs.

What costs will my business unit have to cover?

Your business unit will not have to cover direct costs.

Will Tableau cover the costs of my family, spouse, partner, and/or children to join me for all or part of the project?

Only expenses incurred by the selected Tableau volunteer will be covered.

Can my family/spouse/partner/children join me for any part of the project?

No they cannot. Volunteers are encouraged to take this time to immerse themselves in the community which they are serving.

How does the program impact the number of vacation days I have?

Personal vacation days will not be impacted. Tableau will provide paid volunteer leave for the duration of the project.

I don’t use social media and/or am not comfortable blogging, tweeting, and/or posting photos of my trip publicly — can I still apply?

Yes. However, we will ask that you still collect photos and/or videos, as well as journal your experience, so that you can share it with us after. Tableau or Tableau Foundation may, with your permission, do social media on your behalf.

What if the project does not align with my skills, but I still think I will be a great fit for the Mission Projects program?

We will post a new project each quarter in 2019 and you may apply to any project that aligns with your skills.

What if I don’t speak the required language?

You have to meet the language requirements in order to apply to a specific project. Every project in this program will have unique language requirements, which will be visible to you on the project details pages.

Why do you require at least 3 years of tenure at Tableau?

2019 is a pilot year for Service Corps Mission Projects. Our goal is to create opportunities for more employees to get involved, but we feel it’s important that employees who apply this first year are entrenched in Tableau’s values and will be strong ambassadors of Tableau in the field.

Why do you require intermediate to advanced Tableau skills?

All service projects for this first year will be centered on the use of Tableau. The organizations we will be partnering with are working on complex data challenges, and we want to make sure we set everyone up for success. Intermediate to advanced Tableau skills are a necessity for project deliverables.

How competitive is this program / what are my chances of being accepted?

The pilot program will be selective. Only one to two applicants will be selected for each Mission Project and we plan to have three Mission Projects in total in 2019. If you are not selected for a project, you are always welcome to apply for the next one. We plan to continue to scale the program in 2020 and beyond to give more employees opportunities.

What are the application requirements, selection criteria, and how will my application be judged?

In the process, applications will first be screened for eligibility.

Tableau Foundation will create a list of finalists based on relevancy of skills to the project and quality of application questions.

MovingWorlds, Tableau Foundation, Tableau leadership, and the nonprofit hosting the project will work together to make a final selection.

Does Tableau and/or MovingWorlds support with travel visa applications, including any required costs, sponsorship letters, and/or documentation?

If accepted, MovingWorlds, in partnership with Tableau, will guide you through the steps needed to obtain your visa. Depending on your country of citizenship, country of your work, location of the project, and other factors, every participant’s visa requirements will vary. In partnership with the organization that you will be supporting, you will decide on the needed visa requirements for your project (most likely a tourist or volunteer visa). Reasonable expenses for your visa will be covered by Tableau. Tableau is not able to provide legal support if needed for your visa beyond the act of purchasing a visa or using a popular visa procurement site (i.e. visahq.com)

If a letter is needed, MovingWorlds will support the steps needed to obtain the visa.

How does Tableau determine which organizations to work with as part of the Service Corps Mission Projects?

For the pilot year, we will be partnering exclusively with Tableau Foundation Mission Grant Partners. These organizations have been awarded software, services and financial support by Tableau Foundation to advance their mission using data.

If selected, what pre-project planning is expected of me?

You will need to spend about 1-4 hours per week for the 6 weeks leading up to your project. Pre-work will include things like booking travel, obtaining necessary travel documents, and final scoping with the nonprofit partner.

If selected, will there be additional work after I return home from the project?

We will ask volunteers to engage in some reporting and reflection post-project. Volunteers are welcome to continue working with the grant partner remotely, but that is not a requirement. If the grantee needs additional support after the project, we can refer them to a Tableau Service Corps member.

If selected, can I defer my participation for a future project?

No, you cannot. We choose the most relevant applicant for a specific project and make a commitment to provide a volunteer for our nonprofit partners, therefore, acceptances can not be deferred.

Should I apply if my plans may change by the time the project is expected to start?

Please only apply if you meet all requirements, are fully committed to go, and have the required skills.

Can you tell me more about the interview process with the hosting organization, Tableau, and MovingWorlds?

If selected for interviews, you will be provided additional guidance from MovingWorlds and Tableau Foundation. Interviews will be part of the final selection process with the hosting organization.

Are Tableau vendors or part-time employees eligible?

Only full-time, regular employees are eligible to apply at this time.

Will Tableau cover travel insurance, and general in-case-of-emergency details?

Depending on your project details and location, travel insurance may be suggested. Employees are responsible for determining what kind of coverage is right for them. MovingWorlds can provide recommendations and Tableau will reimburse the cost of the selected plan, so long as it is approved in advance. Tableau Foundation and the host organization will work together to provide emergency contacts for the duration of your stay.

Are there any restrictions for how I can share posts and updates during my time in the field to my personal social media accounts?

We encourage posting about your experience and will provide you a briefing on how to participate in social media in a respectful, constructive, and uplifting way.