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Here are a few of our favorite stories!

Marketing Strategy in Tanzania

Heather Watkins

“Heather put her marketing skills to use to impact education across east Africa”

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Strategy Consulting in India

Anish Malpani

“Anish empowered social enterprises with his strategy consulting expertise in India”

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Program Management Skills in Zambia

Ankita Patel

“Ankita used her financial and legal skills to empower women in Zambia”

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Product Management in Peru

Ruchi Sethi

“Ruchi used her product management skills to empower women artisans and fight rural poverty in Peru.”

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Photography in Tanzania

Megan Senior

“Megan traveled to Tanzania to support access to quality education with her photographic storytelling skills.”

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IT Consulting in Tanzania

Darren Ballarin

“Darren applied his IT Consulting skills as a business mentor to support social entrepreneurs building Tanzania's future.”

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Technology for Social Justice

Stef Milczarek

“How Stef used the Fellowship to land her dream job at the intersection of technology and social impact”

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Accounting in Ghana

Michael Robinson

“Michael helped a nonprofit nursing school improve its financial reporting and business planning in Ghana”

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Entrepreneurship Skills in Rwanda

Lisa Magill

“Lisa used her entrepreneurial skills to build the business and sales skills of small business owners in Rwanda”

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Marketing Skills in Central America

Fernanda Oliveira

“Fernanda empowered schools to harness learning technology with her vast experience in education”

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Product Development in Cambodia

Daniel Hammond

“Daniel used his product development skills to support a sustainable global apparel industry by empowering women in Cambodia.”

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Quality Assurance & Process Optimization in Rwanda

Gabriela Epure

“Gabriela traveled to Rwanda to empower women with her quality assurance and regulatory skills.”

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Software Engineering in Kenya

Catherine Meng

“Catherine applied her software engineering skills to stop violence against women in Kenya.”

Read Catherine's Story

Social Entrepreneurship in Amsterdam

Ivo Van Hoeve

“Ivo used his finance skills advance social entrepreneurship and gain learnings to apply to his own social enterprise”

Read Ivo's story

Business Development & Salesforcein Lebanon

Ali Schmidt-Fellner

“Ali put her Salesforce and business development skills to task to support the growth of a social enterprise empowering refugees in Lebanon”

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UX & Design in Guatemala

Deana Jirak

“Deanna used her UX and web design skills to support indigenous communities in Guatemala”

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Marketing and Communications in India

Dorene & Troy

“Dorene & Troy put their storytelling, video-making, and marketing skills to the test to support animal care and sustainable local enterprises in India.”

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Behavioral Economics in the US

Alejandro Raygoza

“Alejandro applied his expertise in behavioral economics to empower entrepreneurs solving global challenges to scale their impact.”

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Ethical Fashion Business Strategy in Chile

Paola Bertini

“Paola traveled to Chile to empower indigenous artisans with her fashion-related business strategy skills.”

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Educational Entrepreneurship in Ecuador

Andreia Mitrea

“Andreia traveled to Ecuador and Chile to support sustainable business models with her strategic partnership skills. ”

Ready Andreia's Story

Public Policy in Portland

Clarence Edwards

“Clarence traveled to Portland to take an HCD approach to a public policy problem, informing his approach to policy advocacy back in D.C.”

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Videography in Tanzania

Tommy Yacoe

“Tommy used his filmmaking and video marketing skills to help social enterprises tell their impact stories in Tanzania”

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Education leadership in Cambodia

Lynn Thurston

“Lynn helped local education innovators and leaders in Cambodia to improve their operations”

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Architecture in Panama

Drew Miller

“Drew used his architectural expertise to create environmentally friendly research facilities in Panama's rainforest.”

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Data Analysis in Peru

Agnes Tolescu

“Agnes applied her data analysis skills to empower rural communities with renewable energy in Peru.”

Read Agnes's story

Urban Planning in Colombia

Holly Pearson

“Holly traveled to Medellin to support civic engagement & sustainable cities with her urban planning skills. ”

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Film-making in India

Shiouwen Hong

“Shiouwen traveled to India to support education for special needs students with her videography skills”

Read Shiouwen's Story

Education & curriuclum development in India

Erin Dowd

“Erin used her education curriculum development skills to empower teachers supporting underserved communities in India”

Read Erin's Story

Social impact strategy & monitoring/evaluation in South America

Jamie Van Horne

“Jamie supported the growth of social enterprises across Latin America with her strategy and monitoring & evaluation skills.”

Read Jamie's Story

Project management & operations in Mexico

Kelly Michael Goebel

“Kelly used his operational and project management skills to help local business owners thrive in under-resourced communities.”

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Coffee Operations in Peru

Marialy & Alejandro Justiniano

“Marialy & Alejandro Justiniano applied their insider knowledge of coffee operations to empower small coffee farmers in Peru by increasing their share in the value chain.”

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Program Management in Colombia

Victòria Ventosa

“Victòria traveled to Colombia to support cleantech entrepreneurship with her program management and partnership building skills.”

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Nonprofit Strategy in Colombia

Heather Quinn

“Heather traveled to Colombia to support community transformation through education with her nonprofit strategy skills.”

Read Heather's story

Accounting & finance in Colombia

Ivo van Hoeve

“Ivo utilized his accounting skills to support a community-focused education program in Colombia”

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Brand strategy in Colombia

Jason Bennett

“Jason left corporate America to use his marketing skills to support the marketing of an ethical supply chain in Colombia.”

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Nonprofit strategy in Tanzania

Sarah Horrigan

“Sarah found her encore career calling in coaching and education social enterprise in Tanzania”

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Nonprofit Operations in Peru

Leanne Campbell

“Leanne used her expertise in nonprofit operations to empower the next generation of Cambodians with access to quality education.”

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Civil Engineering in the Philippines

Stephen Green-Price

“Stephen traveled to the Philippines to help combat the water crisis and tackle rural poverty with his engineering skills. ”

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Finance in Vietnam

Sam Dang

“Sam traveled to Vietnam to support access to education with his finance skills.”

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International partnerships and sales in Brazil

Nicole Wickswat

“Nicole injected her international sales skills to help a financial social enterprise build international partnerships in Brazil”

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PR & content marketing in Peru

Andreas Geroski

“Andreas used his PR and Content Marketing skills to use empower women in Peru”

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UX design in Costa Rica

Ashkaan Khatakhotan

“Ashkaan dedicated his UX skills to improve a school system in Costa Rica”

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Management Consulting in Kenya

Tammy Freeman

“Tammy applied her management consulting skills to empower young entrepreneurs to build secure futures in Kenya.”

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Monitoring & Evaluation in India

Yaser Alhindi

“Yaser grew as a CSR leader by scaling access to education in India with his monitoring & evaluation skills ”

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Program Management in Spain

Thaís Bueno Rodrigues

“Thaís made a career change to support social entrepreneurs with her program management skills”

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