Experteering Stories
and Testimonials

"Just go do it"

-Nicole W, Experteering in Brazil, 2013 to present

Michael Robinson

Michael took his first overseas trip to support a nonprofit college in Ghana. After almost 30 years as an accounting professional, Michael shares how he was able to merge his professional experience with his passion for photography to make a sustainable impact.

Nicole Wickswat

Experteered Spring 2013 and came back 18 months later.... Used her business strategy and business development skills in Brazil to help expand a startup internationally.

Drew Miller

Experteered Winter 2012 for four months in Panama. He used his architectural skills to design and build a live-research facility in the remote Mamoni River Valley for a nonprofit working on rainforest conservation.

Deana Jirak

Experteered for 1 week in August 2014. Donated her design and UX skills in Guatemala to support a nonprofit empowering women.

Sarah Horrigan

Went Experteering in July 2014 to Tanzania to help a television and tech company support child education.