Social Impact Project for Web Development Expert to Develop a Digital Business Coaching Tool

How This Works

In the MovingWorlds Institute Global Fellowship, you will learn how to advance your for-good career while getting hands on experience on projects like this one.

Project Description and Impact

We are looking for someone passionate about entrepreneurship and empowering young Africans to run successful businesses. We currently providing business coaching to pre and post revenue companies in various sectors particularly technology and manufacturing.

As we are onboarding more clients, we need to build an efficiency into our services so that we can continue to be affordable to small businesses and startups that are bootstrapping. We need to control the process and tools instead of relying on external services like google drive or notion. We also want to track the impact of our coaching services over time.


Learning Opportunity

By participating in the MovingWorlds Institute, you will first learn social impact frameworks and human-centered design before putting your existing skills and new knowledge to action.In addition, this organization will expose you to new things, like:

The volunteer will learn more about the startup ecosystem in Tanzania particularly the challenges faced by early stage businesses. 


We can pay for AirBnB if the volunteer is able to travel to Tanzania if it is within budget. However, we do not think there is a need to travel.


This project accepts virtual experteers.

About the Hosting Organization

Enea Advisors is a For-profit with social mission working on Accounting, Management Consulting.