Social Impact Project for Provide fundraising support to our non-profit in South Africa

How This Works

As part of the TRANSFORM Support Hub, you will learn how to advance your career while getting hands on experience on projects like this one.

Project Description and Impact

Background of the Project

Ibali Lam is a 12-month grassroots business accelerator that by empowers women-owned small businesses in South Africa's Eastern Cape province through  digital transformation, entrepreneurship development and financial inclusion. The digital transformation phase equips women-owned businesses with the tools to embrace technology, harness the power of non-expert artificial intelligence tools, master storytelling techniques, and leverage digital marketing strategies. By bolstering their online presence, these businesses are poised to amplify customer engagement and drive increased sales. The entrepreneurship development phase builds essential skills in women-owned businesses to seize economic opportunities, and foster sustainable growth, catalyzing positive community impact. The financial inclusion education and coaching phase equips entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions, investment readiness, access to investors, and a microgrant to ensure long-term viability.

Why Our Organization Needs Support

Despite the significant impact we have had through our programs, our organization is currently facing several challenges:

Financial Resources: As a non-profit, our financial resources are limited. The demand for our services has grown, but our capacity to serve more people is constrained by the availability of funds. With increased support, we can expand our reach and help more women.

Operational Capacity: We are in need of support to enhance our operational capacity, especially regarding data management and reporting. The ability to collect, analyze, and report on program data is critical for demonstrating our impact to donors, improving our services, and making data-driven decisions.
Adaptation and Growth: The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for flexibility and adaptability. We require support to adjust our programs and operations to meet the changing needs of our target audience during these challenging times.

Learning Opportunity

Professional Growth: Overall, this volunteer role offers opportunities for significant professional growth. The volunteer will develop critical skills in fundraising and business development, which can be transferable to a wide range of career paths within the nonprofit sector.

Nonprofit Fundraising:The volunteer will acquire hands-on experience in nonprofit fundraising, including the development of fundraising strategies, donor engagement, and grant proposal writing. They will learn to identify potential funding sources, create compelling fundraising campaigns, and manage donor relationships.

Grant Writing and Proposal Development: The volunteer will gain expertise in crafting effective grant proposals and funding applications. They will learn to research grant opportunities, tailor proposals to meet specific donor requirements, and create persuasive narratives to secure funding for GLLI's projects.

Business Development: The volunteer will develop a deep understanding of business development within the nonprofit sector. They will learn how to identify growth opportunities, create sustainable revenue streams, and align organizational strategies with long-term sustainability.

Financial Management: Working closely with GLLI's financial team, the volunteer will gain insights into financial planning, budgeting, and resource allocation. They will learn how to ensure that funds are used efficiently and transparently to support the organization's mission.

Stakeholder Engagement: The volunteer will have the chance to interact with a diverse group of stakeholders, including donors, partners, and community members. They will learn effective strategies for building and maintaining relationships with various stakeholders to further GLLI's mission.

Project Management: The volunteer will enhance their project management skills by working on fundraising campaigns and business development initiatives. They will gain experience in planning, executing, and monitoring projects aimed at achieving specific goals and objectives.

Cross-Cultural Communication: GLLI operates in a culturally diverse context, and the volunteer will have the opportunity to work with individuals from different backgrounds. This experience will improve their cross-cultural communication and collaboration skills.

Social Impact: The volunteer will deepen their understanding of the social impact sector and the role of nonprofits in community development. They will see firsthand how nonprofits like GLLI contribute to positive change and social transformation.

Problem Solving and Creativity: Fundraising and business development often require creative problem-solving. The volunteer will learn to overcome challenges and develop innovative solutions to achieve GLLI's financial goals.

Team Collaboration: The role will provide the opportunity to work closely with GLLI's team, enhancing collaboration, communication, and teamwork skills. The volunteer will learn to operate effectively within a nonprofit organizational structure.


This project accepts virtual experteers.

About the Hosting Organization

Global Leading Light Initiatives is a Non-profit working on Non-Profit.