Social Impact Project for Promote Humanitarian Assistance Online Fundraising Campaign on Global Giving

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Project Description and Impact

Mission and objectives

Our Mission relates to building upon the full potential of a local innovator in order to lead us through growth and development. Our objectives - To support local initiatives oriented towards creative innovation and entrepreneurship by providing tools and opportunities for development through educative seminars. - To educate and promote the training of entrepreneurs in terms of social welfare and fair business participation through sensitization. - To facilitate knowledge-sharing between entrepreneurs, institutions and other organizations by promoting networking and training activities. - To mentor young entrepreneurs on skills and techniques that can enable a more clear view of a social business environment


Action Lab For Development just got approved on Global Giving and accepted to participate in the LITTLE BY LITTLE Campaign of Global Giving to begin on April 8. We are therefore competing for a space on Global Giving crowdfunding website. We need experteers to help us get

permanent to this site and also accomplish the goal of the project.

 Action Lab For Development works to promote and protect the Welfare of youth and women in Cameroon through activities aimed at improving their lives. We are therefore seeking to raise funds to:

Empowered Participants: Women and disadvantaged youth equipped with design thinking skills and the ability to tackle challenges with creativity and innovation.

Tailored Curriculum: Development and delivery of a curriculum focused on design thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration.

Community Engagement: Active engagement with the local community, including community leaders and stakeholders.

Mentorship and Peer Support Networks: Establishment of mentorship programs and peer support networks to provide ongoing guidance and encouragement to participants.

Practical Workshops and Training: Conducting practical and hands-on design thinking workshops and training sessions.

Collaboration with Private Sector: Partnerships with private sector companies to enhance the practicality and relevance of the training.

Continuous Learning and Feedback Loop: The project establishes a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Regular feedback from participants and stakeholders is collected and used to adapt and refine the curriculum and activities.

Monitoring and Evaluation: A rigorous system for monitoring and evaluating the project's impact, including key performance indicators related to skill development, employment, and entrepreneurial success.

Sustainability and Post-Project Support: Post-project support mechanisms, including mentorship, job placement assistance, and access to further educational opportunities. Knowledge Sharing and Open Access Resources: Sharing of knowledge, resources, and success stories with other stakeholders, promoting open access and collaboration. Scaling and Replication Model: Designing the project to be scalable and replicable, serving as a model for similar initiatives in other regions.

The volunteers shall help us to promote the cause using social media and other ethical means to ensure we gain a permanent place on Global Giving and attain the goal of the project. We shall appreciate the experteers designing a sustainable strategy to keep a fruitful relationship with our online donors. There is a team available.


Learning Opportunity

Overall, this program promises to be an enriching and eye-opening experience that will leave you with a deeper appreciation for Africa's complexities, cultural richness, and immense potential.


This project accepts virtual experteers.

About the Hosting Organization

Action Lab for Development is a Non-profit working on Civic & Social Organization.