Mumbai, India

Fashion Photographer

Support No Poverty,Responsible Consumption and Production,Decent Work and Economic Growth,Gender Equality

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Skills Needed

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Multimedia
  • Photography
  • Social Media

Estimated Workload

Full time (30+hours a week)


Pro Bono Consultant

Language Proficiencies

You must be able to speak English.
Additionally, speaking Hindi would be helpful.

When Can You Start?

The ideal start date for this project is Flexible.

Project Duration

The estimated duration of this project is flexible - whatever period it takes to complete the project.




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Funded by

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Project Details

Description and Impact

Taking an eco-ethical approach to fashion, our organization is placing pre-loved Indian saris at the heart of a new style, and empowering women artisans from Mumbai to become the designers of their own futures.

With women empowerment at the core of everything we do, we engage women from underprivileged communities to become the artisans of our designs and their futures. The relationship with the artisans and the entire training and production process is managed through our NGO’s partners: Community Outreach Programme and Animedh Charitable Trust .

These women come from different backgrounds and families – having often received little education. They come to our partner’s vocational training centres for a variety of reasons – each unique to their own set of circumstances. However, they all end up united by a passion for their work, realizing that their involvement matters and that the initiative’s success is contingent on their dedication and creativity.

We’re seeking a fashion photographer to update our catalogue, enhance our visual assets and branding and support current marketing strategies.


By the end of this project, the Experteer would have:

  • Created a gallery of photographs of our products, artisans, and other relevant visuals that can be used in catalogue, social media, on our website, and more
  • Trained a member of our staff on photography best practices to continue to produce visuals that can be utilized in our marketing campaigns
  • Helped us to set up a basic in-house studio for catalogue and ecommerce purposes

Other requirements

Our ideal candidate is someone who is open-minded and has experience working across different cultures. 

We Provide These Local Benefits

Benefits Overview

  • Accommodations
  • Learning Opportunity
  • Meal Stipend


For Kering employees matched to this project through the Solidarity Leave Program, we are going to book a modest still decent and well located hotel room in the South of Mumbai and not too far from our office.

Learning Opportunity

  • Gain insight into the ethical fashion industry and into a social enterprises
  • Gain cross-cultural experience with a diverse team with individuals from India and Europe
  • Getting exposure to underprivileged Indian communities

Food Stipend

Kering employees will receive a stipend for food.

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