Digital Marketing Analytics Expert

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Skills Needed

  • Advertising
  • Brand Strategy
  • Data Analysis
  • Marketing
  • Monitoring & Evaluation


Provides information, makes recommendations, and assists with the implementation of solutions.


The Experteer will work with our Marketing Director to analyze and measure our current strategy, improve it using the findings, and develop a measurement system to keep track of every KPI. This project will be a success if we end up with the following:

  • A solid marketing strategy, including % of budget to be spent in each part of the funnel and each marketing channel.
  • A robust measurement process and platform, which allows us to track every KPI and know if our campaigns and website are performing correctly.
  • Definition of our hero channel, where we will spend most of our marketing efforts 

Language Proficiencies

  • English

Estimated Workload

Full time (30+hours a week)

When Can You Start?

As soon as posible


Project Details


As a digitally native apparel brand, most of our income comes from online sales. We need an expert in marketing analytics to help us measure and strengthen our digital marketing/advertising strategy.

Benefits Overview


Learning Opportunity

  • How a growing startup works
  • How a social enterprise works
  • How developing economies move
  • How the different teams in the apparel/retail/e-commerce industry work

Organization Details

About Someone Somewhere

Someone Somewhere is a For-profit with social mission working on Consumer Goods, Fashion, Retail.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Someone Somewhere is making process on the following SDGs: