AutoCAD Expert for Community-based Water Projects

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Skills Needed

  • Architecture
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering


Provides information, makes recommendations, and assists with the implementation of solutions.


The objectives at the end of the project is to be able to:

  • Enhance the skills of our technical staff on autoCAD
  • Develop a ram pump installation manual
  • Develop product manuals for our technologies
  • Develop technical drawings for our essential oil distillation plant

Language Proficiencies

  • English

Estimated Workload

Full time (30+hours a week)

When Can You Start?

As soon as posible


Project Details


We are an NGO based in the Philippines. Working out of Bacolod City since 1991, our focus is on helping the poorest rural communities through technological innovation, social enterprising and community development. For almost two (2) decades, AIDFI has mastered the ram pump technology and has served/installed not only in the Philippines but also in other countries like Afghanistan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Nepal, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica and France. To date the foundation has provided water to more than 250,000 beneficiaries in over a thousand villages.

We envision a society where technology and development systems exist in harmony with nature and serve as foundation of growth and sustainable development where people live in abundance and happiness and where there is peace, freedom and equity.

This project will involve work on community-based water projects in the Philippines. Specifically, we are looking for an Experteer who will be working with our dedicated technical staff of which some of them come from the grassroots with only basic education as a background. Over the years, they developed their technical skills through hands-on experience. Your task will be to train them on set computer skills such as autoCAD to enhance their capability in developing technical drawings of our projects and products. The project will involve you also in going through the different technical stages to give you a full understanding of the work we do to come up with a training manual which may be used for future staff development. All in all, your engagement will help us spread the technologies even further to more people in a more sustainable way (standard quality projects), making replication easier including to other countries and processes more efficient.

Other Requirements

We are looking for a high spirited individual who does not count on the hours he/she puts in but rather on the impact of the work he/she does. Particular skills should include autoCAD since the project will mainly focus on training and developing manuals. Must be easy going and can communicate well with other people.

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