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Sanjhi Sikhiya

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Organization Details

Sanjhi Sikhiya is a youth-led organization based in Punjab, India, committed to ensuring that every child in Punjab has access to high-quality education.

Our primary focus is on improving government primary schools in rural Punjab. We do this by creating a supportive environment for teachers and fostering a sense of ownership within the local community. We believe that raising a child is a collective effort, so we collaborate with all the relevant stakeholders involved in creating a nurturing environment for children.

Our goal is to strengthen the existing educational structures and processes to empower teachers and parents. To achieve this, we engage with the education system at all levels, including the state, district, block, and cluster levels.

Since 2018, we have been dedicated to bringing about systemic reforms. Currently, our team consists of 80 full-time staff members who work directly with 500 schools across four locations, positively impacting the lives of over 25,000 children.

Impact Story

  • Formed peer learning communities for over 2000+ teachers to enable collective problem solving, best practice sharing, resource creation. 
  • Capability building workshops for 1000+ teachers and 150+ system leaders
  • Our efforts have successfully engaged more than 250+ Panchayats (village government) and 3000+ parents and community members, resulting in unlocking over Rs 1 crore (120k USD) in public funds for school development.
  • This initiative has led to a remarkable 30% increase in student enrollment in our districts
  • Over 30 alumni of the Punjab Youth Leaders Program (PYLP) have graduated successfully, with a high placement rate in education non-profits within Punjab.
  • The 4th and 5th cohorts are underway with 45 youth leaders working with 500 schools


Here’s a story of how coming together can make a real difference in a community. Let me tell you about Kuldeep Kaur, a remarkable woman from Chak Karma village.

The Problem: Chak Karma village, near Ropar city, had 1 school with just 1 teacher for 64 kids. This meant the kids weren't getting the education they deserved.

The Solution: We held a meeting called Gram Sikhiya Sabha, where parents, school committee members, and the village leaders talked about the problem and how to solve it. Kuldeep and us visited parents' homes, talked about the importance of education, and asked what they wanted for their children's future.

Mobilizing Women and Taking Action: After a month and a half, we got more people, especially women, involved. Kuldeep wrote a letter signed by about 50 villagers and went to the district education officer to explain the situation.

The Power of Community: Thanks to the Gram Sikhiya Sabha, and support from the community, we got a new teacher in the school after about 20 days. 

Impact: Now, there are two teachers in the school, and people say they see improvements in the kids' education. Kuldeep's dedication and community spirit prove that big problems can be solved when people unite.

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