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The World Economic Forum named SuperBetter 1 of 14 Top Innovators in Youth Mental Health.

SuperBetter brings mental health, resilience, student success and social-emotional learning skills to life in a way that's practical and engaging. It is designed as a tool for educators, and available to anyone including teachers, universities, work teams, counselors, coaches, small groups, friends, families and more.

The SuperBetter methodology uses the psychology of game play to achieve epic wins in all of life. Published studies show its benefits for increasing resilience and significantly reducing anxiety & depression. Over 1 million people have played SuperBetter.

The company offers two products. A Host account is a web-based portal that makes it easy to create squads and host challenges for them. For example, teachers can host challenges for their students to bring social-emotional learning to life. A Hero account on the mobile app is for those who want to play SuperBetter on their own. 

Impact Story

SuperBetter is tackling the youth mental health crisis.

Ending the crisis requires a focus on both prevention and treatment. Improving access to care is critical, and so is empowering the world's youth with skills & resources to reduce the prevalance of anxiety, depression and suicide.

SuperBetter fills the gap for prevention that is evidence-based, accessible, affordable and globally scalable.