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Leather Heart

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

Leather Heart becomes 2019 the first Venezuelan company with B certification. We are a social enterprise that uses the strength of the market to respond to the social and environmental problems of the neediest communities. We work on a triple impact basis, there is not only a profit margin to operate, but the essence and purpose of the company is to generate a positive environmental and social impact. Therefore, operating causes the least amount of negative externalities and consistently tries to reduce the ecological footprint.

Leather Heart has donated +19,000 plates of food, and +2300 stuffed animals, planted +3000 trees, recycled +1500kg of textiles, and offered decent work to +20 women from vulnerable communities. Action that has been possible through purchasing stuffed animals, having a positive cash flow, and always thinking about reinvestment to grow and generate a more significant impact.

Impact Story

We became the first certified B-corp in Venezuela in our desire to redefine the meaning of success in the economy, being measured by the well-being of individuals, societies, and nature.

a) SDGs12, Responsible consumption and production: we use textile waste to make beautiful
stuffed animals by hand and teach the world to see things that already exist with new eyes, they
come with a coloring book that tells the characters' story and has a recycled cardboard cover.
The industry needs alternative ways to place such waste, and Leather Heart is a project that
encourages the circular economy and promotes the use of resources to the fullest.

b) SDGs8, Decent work, and economic growth: we offer quality jobs to women in vulnerable
situations and allow them to grow personally and professionally. Our group of seamstresses is very heterogeneous in age, socioeconomic conditions, disabilities, and gender; we allow everyone to learn and improve.

c) SDGs4, Zero hunger: we create products with purpose by buying each stuffed animal, feeding

children in vulnerable situations, and giving away playmates (donated stuffed animals). We donate plates of food and stuffed animals through NGOs that share our values and work ethically.



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