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Organization Details

In partnership with SAP, leading impact investors, and social enterprise thought-leaders, S-GRID — the Sustainable Growth of Revenues for International Development program — was launched to help social enterprises build revenue partnerships with the corporate sector to become more integrated into global value chains. Together, we will help social enterprises grow their revenues, teams, and impact, while helping rebuild a more sustainable and equitable economy.

Impact Story

As we begin to rebuild our post-COVID world, we have an unprecedented opportunity to go beyond the status quo to build more just, equitable, and sustainable global systems.

  • Businesses are spending more than ever to achieve sustainability, equity, and other social impact targets
  • Social enterprises have innovative solutions that the corporate sector needs
  • Growing social enterprises often lack the know-how and connections to create these high-value partnerships with the corporate sector
  • S-GRID closes this gap by building the skills and networks needed to partner with these global value chains

Together, we can help social enterprises grow, accelerate impact, and create world-positive jobs — while embedding sustainability into a more equitable and regenerative economy.