QA Expert

Support Economic Empowerment in Medellin, Colombia

Software Development, Technology
Can Start: 
as soon as possible
Can Stay: 
4 weeks to 2½ months
Must Speak: 
Helpful if Speaks: 
Accommodations, Living Stipend, Learning Opportunity

This is great opportunity to learn about social entrepreneurship while putting your web development skills to the test - This is an opportunity with MW, so we're biased :)

Opportunity Details


Help make more awesome. We're rolling out some amazing new features and looking for some team members (long term or short term) to help make our site even better.

We'll ask you to look at our existing test and QA processes, and develop a plan to improve it.


Goals very dependent on length of time... Depending on the length of time available, we will work together to script a full project and then deliver it fully. Ideas include:

  • Audit of existing test and QA processes
  • A holistic test and QA plan for the growing
  • Implementation of more robust testing


  • Software Development
  • Technology


  • Javascript
  • nodejs


  • English


  • Spanish

We Provide These Local Benefits


Depending on length of time, we'll put you up in a homestay or hostel.


If you stay longer than 3 months, we'll cover your airfare.


Learn about launching a social business while Experteering with MovingWorlds, and get more experience with some of the most popular and emerging technologies, like NodeJS.


In addition to a place to live, we'll give you some of the best local tours of Seattle... including of the best coffee shops!


This opportunity accepts applications for virtual experteers.

Questions & Answers About this Opportunity

What testing framework do you use?

Farrin, Jan 16th, 2015

Thanks for your question, Farrin. Our application is a javascript app, and we are using mocha and lab.

Representative of this opportunity, Jan 16th, 2015

This opportunity looks very interesting, but I am only available for 2-3 weeks. Are you open to an Experteer with less time?

Markus, Feb 28th, 2015

Thanks for your question! While we are hoping for someone to join us for 1 month, we are open to hosting anybody for as little as 1 week, including providing you accommodation.

Representative of this opportunity, Feb 28th, 2015


I live in Seattle and would like to get involved with your organization locally while I review other long-tern  opportunities. Is there something I can apply for or come in and meet you?



Julienne, Mar 16th, 2015

Hi Julienne,

Thanks so much for the note. We'd be happy to have a chat. I'll email you to set something up :)

Representative of this opportunity, Mar 16th, 2015

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Currently accepting applications

Apply as soon as possible


Industry: Non-Profit, Travel & Tourism

Mission: Economic Empowerment

Size: Small organization: 5 - 25 persons

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