Product Design Experteer for Sustainable Gambian Fashion & Designs

Support Arts and Culture in Brikama/Kembujeh, Gambia

Design (Product or Industrial)
Can Start: 
as soon as possible
Can Stay: 
1¾ month to 4½ months
Must Speak: 
Helpful if Speaks: 
Accommodations, Meal Stipend, Good For Groups, Good For Families

We think this is an amazing opportunity for a Product Designer to support local culture & economy in the Gambia in exchange for accommodations and more...

Opportunity Details


We realise the incredible beauty in designs and fabrics availalbe in The Gambia and the growing demand for designs from Africa on the international market. We want to create a product line of fashion and design items that utilise the fabrics and materials locally available in The Gambia. This opportunity allows for a lot of freedom to explore and develop designs in cooperation with our fashion team and professional tailor. You will have access to a sewing shop, tailor and a helpful local Sofanyama fashionista in the process. What fabrics, designs and products will work on a global market? How can secondhand and used materials be incorporated to minimise environmental impact? 

The experteer is also expected to establish the flow of operations and teach necessary skills for the self-reliance of the production after the time of the expeerting opportunity has ended. 

The end-goal is to create sustainable livelihoods through design and fashion with special focus creating job opportunities for young designers and women. 



  • A sustainable and modern fashion on design product line made of recycled fabrics and materials available in The Gambia.
  • A  self-reliant flow of operations and production of the designs.
  • Identify and recruit individuals suitable for sewing, production and sourcing of materials.
  • Reach out and establish a network of young and ambitious designers to be part of the Sofanyama Kunda Design Collective.
  • Established an economically sustainable cost and pricing model.



  • Design (Product or Industrial)


  • English


  • Mandinka

We Provide These Local Benefits


You will be able to stay together with a family in a compound in the village Kembujeh, just a five minute drive from Brikama. There is a big bed with mosquito net, a living room and small backyard with toilet and washing facilities. There is no running water, but the well provides you with water for cleaning, washing, showers and to flush the toilet. There is a fridge and water boiler.


Meals will be provided during your stay in the compound for a small contribution to the cook. When in Brikama or on trips you must buy your own food. The experteer is encourage to bring a bottle that filters the well water to avoid unnecessary plastic bottles since the well water is not recommended for drinking.


We are not able to provide a living stipend or other funds, but if the experteer wants to raise funds for their stay through crowdfunding, we are happy to help sperad the campaign in our network.

Questions & Answers About this Opportunity

Currently accepting applications


Industry: Arts and Crafts, Music, Performing Arts

Mission: Arts and Culture

Size: Small organization: 5 - 25 persons

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