What You Will Do

Gain Experience, Connections, and Confidence to Grow Your World-Positive Career

Every cohort starts with a 2-day immersive training session where you will...
Every cohort starts with a 2-day immersive training session where you will...

  • Explore your personal and professional purpose drivers
  • Introspect and uncover your unique strengths
  • Develop skills in design thinking and social entrepreneurship
  • Build your individualized career growth action plan
  • Create a community of Fellows and facilitators to support you on your journey

After the kickoff training, you'll stay connected over the next 6 months with...
After the kickoff training, you'll stay connected over the next 6 months with...

  • Self-paced learning modules in leading social enterprise frameworks like human-centered design, systems mapping, impact investing, and more
  • The MovingWorlds Community platform and Global Network
  • Industry leader webinars, case-based learning projects, live workshops, and networking support
  • A verified social impact project that builds your on your skills while challenging you to grow

Program Elements

The MovingWorlds Institute (MWI) combines learning, networking, and coaching alongside a stretch project to support social good so you can stand out from the crowd to earn — or create — your dream job.

Interactive Virtual Training & Cohort Building

Join changemakers from around the world for a 2-day immersive training and cohort-building session to explore your personal and professional drivers, develop skills in design thinking and social entrepreneurship, and build your individualized action plan for your Fellowship. With your cohort, use the next 6 months to keep learning, growing, and doing. While you'll each complete your own social impact projects, you'll be able to virtually support each other in the field and grow together along the way.

Learn Leading Social Impact Frameworks

Throughout the Fellowship — designed to support you regardless of where you are from — you'll learn the theory behind leading Social Impact Frameworks like Social Enterprise Thinking, Human-Centered Design, Systems Mapping, Behavioral Economics, Impact investing, and more. You'll stay engaged with weekly coaching calls, monthly webinars with industry leaders, and collaborative case-based learning projects through our online community.

Cultural Agility & Leadership Development

Through our partnership with Aperian Global®, Fellows will have access to GlobeSmart®, an online resource designed to help you become more effective in a cross-cultural work environment. You’ll learn about your own unique working style, identify potential challenges between styles as you prepare to apply your skills in a new context, and get advice and concrete strategies to pave the way for a successful project that builds your cross-cultural leadership skills and creates a sustainable impact.

A Real Social Impact Project

Fellows can propose their own project, get coaching from MovingWorlds to design a new one, or take advantage of our Experteering platform to find a verified project with a social enterprise virtually, locally, or abroad. Whether you are looking to launch an intrapreneurship initiative within your organization, experiment with your own social enterprise, or gain the experience to transition into a new career, we'll guide you to and through a project that will help you build your resume, leadership skills, and overall confidence!

Support Integrating Your Experience into Your Professional Narrative

After your social impact project, we will help you highlight the impact you made and skills you gained in a capstone presentation, public-facing article, and/or on LinkedIn. Your peers and MWI staff will help you turn your experience into a case-study worthy piece of content that will help you build the case for whatever comes next, whether that is a promotion, career change, or new venture.

Access to a Global Network

Throughout the program, you will also get connected to the MovingWorlds alumni community and Global Network of social enterprises, impact investors, and changemakers around the world.

Personalized Learning Platform

The Fellowship provides an array of learning opportunities — live virtual training, on-demand content, case-based workshops, your social impact project, personal reflection, mentorship, and more — and our learning management system, as well as our personal learning workbooks and guides, help you make the most of your experience. Customized for you and your unique schedule, these tools will guide you through the Fellowship experience in a way that works best for you and your unique goals.

Senior Level Networking Opportunities

In addition to prominent guest speakers, we provide guidance and support to help you connect with mission-aligned networking contacts who can help you learn, grow, and make an even bigger impact.

Career, Resume, & Interview Coaching

Over the course of the Fellowship, you can access training, workshops, guides, and personalized feedback to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile, resume, and professional story so you can move confidently into interviews, new jobs, or even your own enterprise.

1-on-1 Purpose Coaching

Through our strategic partnership with Imperative, each participant will have their Individual Purpose Diagnostic taken and assessed for them - a tool usually only reserved for qualified companies and teams. The findings from this assessment will help you choose the right social impact project, strategy for networking, and career path to become more fulfilled by aligning your work with your unique purpose drivers.

Program Curriculum

The Institute is a 6-month program for early- to mid-career, high achieving professionals that can easily be combined with a full-time job, sabbatical, and/or career break. Our virtual learning best practices for adults ensure meaningful outcomes wherever you are based, and while some elements are fixed, many are flexible and can be customized for you and your unique schedule.

Each cohort starts with a 2-day immersive virtual training, and lasts for 6 months.

MovingWorlds Institute What You'll Do

High Impact Projects Sourced Just For You

The Fellowship is designed to support you with curriculum-based and experiential learning that moves your career forward. To optimize this, you will go through a one-on-one coaching process to match with a social impact project that builds on your skills while stretching you to grow. To find the right social impact project, Fellows can:

  1. Take advantage of the MovingWorlds Experteering Network (with extra coaching from our team)
  2. Propose and get support scoping a project to launch a social impact initiative within your own organization
  3. Design and get support scoping a new stand-alone project related to your own idea or social enterprise

No matter your goals, you will receive the support you need to find the right project and be successful in your work!

Types of Projects

Grow your skills, confidence, and network by DOING. In the MovingWorlds Institute, we will work with you to design and/or find a project that will build on your skills while challenging you to grow. Projects can include:

Skills-Based Impact Consulting
Skills-Based Impact Consulting

Work with a social enterprise as a consultant, providing strategy work and/or direct support. As an example, Sarah partnered with Phoenix Space to help build a monitoring and evaluation strategy and develop a Theory of Change.

Launch Your Own Initiative
Launch Your Own Initiative

You can launch your own social impact project, or even entrepreneurial endeavor. As an example, Global Fellowship alumni Mike, Natalia, and Joelle came together to develop and launch a much-needed resource called the Social Design Directory.

Help Scale an Existing Initiative
Help Scale an Existing Initiative

Work directly with a verified social impact organization to help build internal capacity to achieve scale. As an example, Global Fellow Andreia worked with Coomacovalle to help develop a strategy to transition to a B-Corp structure, which helped them make the most of a recent grant from the Gates Foundation.

Lead Training & Provide Coaching
Lead Training & Provide Coaching

Working directly with a social enterprise, or with a cohort of enterprises through an accelerator, provide ongoing mentorship, and offer one-on-one support to some of the world's most inspiring social entrepreneurs. As an example, Global Fellow Janek helped the Action Lab for Development train 21 staff members on business modelling, business innovation, financial planning and basic terms of fundraising, marketing, sales, and value chain management.

Become a Social Intrapreneur
Become a Social Intrapreneur

Looking to advance your career and impact in your current organization? Launch your own initiative in partnership with your employer. As an example, eBay Product Manager Ruchi piloted an initiative to help women cooperatives standout on the eBay platform.

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