Job Description: Senior Partnerships & Account Manager - POSITION CLOSED

About MovingWorlds

MovingWorlds is a Fast Company World-Changing Idea Honoree and one of Escape the City’s top employers to “escape to”. Most importantly, our work is helping create a more sustainable and equitable economy by connecting the people who work in social impact to the knowledge, experiences, and connections they need to scale world-changing ideas. In partnership with some of the most iconic brands of our time, we are helping social enterprises across over 100 countries scale their impact and revenue, and in the process, helping some of the biggest companies in the world become more sustainable and equitable.


MovingWorlds is in the midst of its most exciting growth spurt yet. As part of that, we are growing our impact, revenues, and partnerships, and we are looking for someone to be the face of MovingWorlds to these partners. In 2022, we will be announcing partnerships with some of the world’s most iconic and forward-thinking brands that are leading the industry in ESG, social enterprise empowerment, and impact investing. If you believe that effective partnerships are the key to creating real systems change - and have a knack for managing key stakeholder accounts in a human-centered way, an eye for detail, strong communication skills, and the ability to balance the daily minutiae with the big picture - then this role is for you.

We think this is an exciting chance to get in early at an award-winning social enterprise that is doubling year-over-year. Beyond growth, we are fully committed to creating a lasting impact, continuing to build a best-in-class work environment for the new-normal, and truly invested in helping each of our team members advance their for-good careers.

MovingWorlds Background

We operate a portfolio of programs for individuals, social enterprises, corporations, and capacity-building organizations. While our experteering platform was launched nearly a decade ago and remains in operation, our growth is being driven through our MovingWorlds Institute Global Fellowship , our S-GRID Social Enterprise Accelerator , as well as through corporate-sponsored programs with companies like Microsoft, SAP, PayPal, Kering, and more. Increasingly, we are developing partnerships with leading impact investors, social enterprise ecosystem builders, and foundations to provide more non-financial support to more social enterprises.

Job Description

OK, we’re going to be a little braggy here, but we have a really great team managing our high-impact programs. This team leads our community, learning, skills-based matching, and storytelling efforts. Behind the scenes, we have other team members in charge of operations, CRM, data, engineering, quality assurance, and product management to help us achieve impact at scale and keep improving our programming. As our global community and number of partners continue to grow, we are looking for another key team member to round out our world-class team: someone to build and manage relationships with strategic partners, collaborate with them to plan ongoing program and partnership improvements, and then work with our internal team to deliver on these opportunities and commitments.

Beyond our current work with organizations like Microsoft, PayPal, and SAP, we also have some new big partnerships that are going to be launched in 2022… and while we can’t talk about them publicly yet, this role will have a direct hand in supporting partnership initiatives that will definitely make news headlines in the New Year.

This role will report to our CEO who currently leads new partner engagement, and will have five main responsibilities:

#1: New Partner Onboarding

Work with the MovingWorlds CEO and Program Team to lead the development of onboarding plans, including KPIs, schedules, and clear ownership. From there, communicate the plan to all key stakeholders and then work with the program team and partners to turn the plan into reality. To succeed, skills in developing project plans, managing against timelines, and providing great client support are critical.

#2: Account and Partner Management

Manage the relationships, meetings, notes, tasks, reporting, and feedback sessions with our partners, while working collaboratively with our program team to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery. To succeed, experience in highly effective meeting management, timeline management, and clear communication are a must. We also want work to be fun and engaging for our team and stakeholders, so managing programs and partnerships with a positive attitude is something we value.

#3: Direct and Indirect Communication

Since our partners help us reach more social enterprises and more professionals, we ask for their collaboration in recruiting professionals, social enterprises, and other partners. To help with this, we will draft communications for them. While our Head of Storytelling is a fantastic writer that can help with brand alignment and proofing, we’ll still ask you to help develop communication plans and lead the creation of the content, as well as its distribution. Highly effective and concise communication skills, as well as know-how of tools like mail merge and CRM to support efficiency, are a big plus.

#4: Case Study Development and Program Promotion

Since our partners help us reach more social enterprises and more professionals, we want to help them, too. We do this by collecting and distilling insights from our network, and then giving our partners a platform on which to showcase it (blog, newsletter, webinar, etc.). Currently, we sometimes capture insights and stories, and then pitch these insights to industry and news outlets for PR and brand-building opportunities. This role will help source these opportunities, partner with our Head of Storytelling and CEO to align on the content, and then manage forward the process of its creation and distribution (placement on external sites, conferences, research papers, etc.) Knowledge of communications, pitching articles, and PR is a plus for this!

#5: Collaboration and Innovation

We are building programs that haven’t been built before and are constantly working to expand our reach, impact, and scale. We need input from our users, partners, and all stakeholders to keep improving. This role will help capture this feedback, and then work across our program team and with our Head of Program Operations to keep developing program improvements.


Most importantly, we are looking for someone that LOVES account and partner management, being the go-to person for key stakeholders, and solving problems with the end users in mind. And not just the meetings and celebrations, but also collaborating as a real peer to work through challenges and opportunities in a way that makes our partners feel truly valued, and ultimately, more successful. This means that you will likely have some of the following skills (you don’t need them all, but chances are you’ll have some combination of these):

  1. Highly effective written and verbal communication skills. You will have to communicate with a global team in real time as well as asynchronously. You’ll also communicate directly with partners to help troubleshoot, provide support and guidance, and help them communicate to their professionals and social enterprises that will join our platform.

  2. Project management skills. You will be responsible for ensuring all parties are completing tasks on time, and proactively following up to avoid delays.

  3. Collaborative client-management skills. You will be a go-to person for facilitation for new ideas, and running generative root-cause analysis when things go wrong.

  4. Effective internal and external document management skills

  5. Familiarity with client management tools, like marketing tools, CRM, shared docs, project management tools, etc.

  6. Knowledge of modern workplace tools. This includes things like Google Apps/Suites, Slack, and Zoom.

  7. Willingness to say “yes, and” with both client teams and internal teams to build on ideas and pinpoint the best strategy (while still pushing back when necessary to stay within the scope).

  8. Experience managing a project against a budget and fixed statement of work, including negotiating with clients and managing scope creep.

  9. Experience in PR, including developing communications plans, pitches, and packets are a nice to have.

  10. Multilingualism is optional, but a positive, with primary languages being Spanish and French.


We are big believers that you should build a career around your strengths . In our external programs as well as our internal career development conversations, we use Gallup’s StrengthsFinder to help us job-hack every role to best fit every person. The Gallup Strengths that we are looking for in this role include (but are not limited to):

  1. Execution: Consistency or Deliberative or Arranger,

  2. Influencing: Woo or Self-Assurance or Communication or Command or Significance

  3. Relationship Building: Adaptability or Connectedness

  4. Strategic: Futuristic or Strategic or Analytical


We’re growing as an organization, but we stay focused on making sure we care for ourselves and each other, too. Any of our new team members will tell you that we’re different… open, vulnerable, transparent, collaborative, very growth-minded, and a little goofy. Here are a few more tangible benefits of joining our one-of-a-kind team:

  • Award-winning culture - we were ranked by Escape the City as the #2 company in the world to “Escape to”, and have some other big news that we’ll be sharing soon :) We were founded to create a real impact AND operate in a highly ethical and sustainable way and we are committed to achieving both

  • Friday Monthly Mental - No meetings on the last Friday of every month, so that you can do whatever you need to do to take care of your mental wellbeing

  • Recognition of all holidays where you live

  • 15 vacation days in addition to the monthly mental and local holidays + sick days as needed

  • $100 per month work from home office stipend

  • Health insurance plan/stipend that keeps increasing and improving as we grow

  • Annual device credit

  • A peer-coaching culture so that you can keep growing

  • Parental leave policy

  • Excellent communication across the company, including a “user manual” for every team member

  • Networking opportunities with our global network

  • Guided mentorship process to help you find and make the most of a mentoring relationship

  • Retirement plan matching

If you advance to the next round, we will share our living employee guidebook with you so you can learn more about our unique benefits.


MovingWorlds is a small team that is funding its growth on revenues instead of raising capital in order to stay committed to its impact and retain equity for employees.

MovingWorlds is committed to fair and equitable pay across its global team, and it uses a pro-rata adjustment calculator so that every team member is paid at an equal level compared to published market data for their roles, and based on the cost of living in their cities.

  1. For this role, you can expect to be paid at a level of 75% of what is listed as fair market data for your role, in your city, in the nonprofit sector, for smaller organizations (10-20). Because of our global reach, this can be somewhere between $52,000 - $90,500 annualized salary (as we adjust salary based on cost-of-living comparison to create pay equity on our team). As an example, a person in Seattle will be based on a $105,000 salary, but paid $78,750 (75% of fair market). In addition, will also receive benefits + equity whereas the same person in Lisbon, Portugal would receive $52,000 + benefits + equity. MovingWorlds will share a transparent calculation for your salary. We know this is below market, but as our growth continues, we have been giving raises to team members every 6 months and we expect this to continue AND you will get generous equity in our organization..

  2. In addition to salary, you will receive a $100 monthly work-from-home stipend, a $300 health insurance stipend, an annual device credit, and a 3% retirement matching benefit.

  3. The difference between fair-market salary and what we pay you will be covered via our generous employee stock option plan.

We hope the “below market” element doesn’t scare you off. We are transparent and equitable in the way we pay team members, and offer equity in addition to salary for team members (including this role) who came in on the ground floor. As our profits grow, they are reinvested into our operations and our team. All team members received a raise in 2020 and 2021 of double digit percentage, and we expect this to continue. Our ultimate goal is to pay all team members at or above market rates by the end of 2022, and we’ve never been closer: We grew 40% last year, are tracking for 100% growth this year, and have high aspirations for next year, too. More information about salary, as well as the MovingWorlds approach to equal and fair pay, will be shared early in the process.

Social Impact Commitment

As a “social purpose corporation” (aka Benefit Corporation) we exist to create positive social and environmental impact alongside profit. We do this work to help accelerate the progress of a more impactful, global social enterprise movement that employs more people in world-positive jobs. We absolutely look for mission alignment from all our team members.

Work Location & Travel

MovingWorlds is a global, virtual team with presence in Seattle, Oakland, Houston, Washington, D.C., and New York City in the USA, as well as in Portugal, Lebanon, and Brazil. Ideally you will be in one of these locations, but you can work from anywhere provided you overlap with our working time zones. We will prioritize candidates that are based – or open to working in – in EST time zone. Our current clients are as far west as Seattle and as far East as Nairobi. Your home base should be between those locations for the optimal working hours. As the world opens up, we may ask for occasional travel, but likely less than once per quarter.


After a thorough onboarding process, this position will report directly to our CEO, and work collaboratively with our Head of Program Operations, Director of the MovingWorlds Institute, Community Manager, Matching Program Manager, and Senior Storyteller.


Screening Process & Equity Statement

Our team is international with members working from four continents and bringing a diverse set of skills. While we pride ourselves on supporting a very diverse community, we are also increasing our investment and education for our own team, as well as building a team that is more representative of the diverse community we serve. As of 2020, and continuing to improve them since, we have implemented new policies, including attempting to eliminate bias out of our hiring process. This is done with:

  • All applications will be analyzed using a set standard based on the skills outlined above

  • Structured interviews with set questions across candidates are conducted to assess against predetermined role requirements

  • The hiring process will involve a skills-test that will be benchmarked against a set standard and reviewed by a panel

This application is now closed