We help companies scale their social impact programs by winning over executives, engaging employees, and navigating the naysayers.

From Fortune 50 to Inc. 5000, we have helped companies launch, scale, and optimize programs that connect employees to more purpose and create a truly meaningful impact.

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Design and Launch New Social Impact Programs

Advisory and Strategy Consulting Services

All our partnerships start with a design and strategy phase to ensure we all hit our goals. Starting with a benchmark report and CSR scorecard, we then work with you to improve your social impact programs to better educate and engage employees and executives.

Skills-Based Volunteer Programs for Individuals and Teams

Build or diversify your skills-based volunteering options for individuals and/or teams. In-person or virtual, you can either sponsor employees or groups into existing MovingWorlds programs (like our individual memberships or MovingWorlds Institute, or work with us to create your own offering.

CSR Champion or Ambassador Programs

For larger teams interested in expanding the reach and impact of their programs, we can help you engage a team of "Champions" across your company. Whether Champions are paid positions or virtual "+1" positions, we can help you train them, build a sense of community, and provide ongoing support to make them more effective.

Social Enterprise Partnership Building

Our award-winning programs makes it easy for you to support the social enterprise movement

The TRANSFORM Support Hub, powered by MovingWorlds
The TRANSFORM Support Hub, powered by MovingWorlds

Together with SAP, TRANSFORM, and Unilever, our newly launched TRANSFORM Support Hub connects social enterprises with corporates, peers, learning content, and a global community of pro bono professionals to deliver market-based solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals. The TRANSFORM Support Hub offers corporations an all-in-one solution to help you integrate sustainability across your business and engage and develop your employees — without expanding your CSR team.

Scale and Optimize Existing Initiatives

Strategic Review and Benchmarking

As you’re developing your next program idea, we can help make your case to executives and benchmark your program’s success to ensure it has a measurable impact.

Continue Your CSR & Social Impact Education

Career Growth Fellowship

Grow your world-positive career by joining a group of professionals looking to find more purpose in their work and make a bigger impact with their careers.

CSR Staff and Social Impact Partner Training

Bring our experts into your offices (or virtual meeting rooms) with customized trainings for your staff and social impact partners. We provide actionable advice that your team members can implement same-day.

I wouldn't hesitate to say that it's the best experience I've had in my entire professional life… Better than my MBA

Transformative learning for current and future leaders

Our innovative, experiential learning model takes team members on a journey alongside a cohort of peers, while building and expanding their skills in new environments.

How we work with you

Design an Optimized Program

Using our published best practices in program design and optimization, we start with an analysis of your existing programs and goals using our employee volunteering scorecard to inform our ongoing work.

Identify Your Next Global Leaders

For newly promoted managers or directors, newly tenured executives, your leadership talent bench or just any employee who shines, we’ll help you design a program that meets your company’s needs.

Align Learning Content

Our ready-to-go modules cover human-centered design, corporate social responsibility, cross-cultural leadership, social intrapreneurship, influencing for change, and more. We can adapt these to your needs, or add in content from your existing initiatives.

Add Peer-Based Learning and Support

Each participant works on a solo Experteering project - but their cohort will share the experience as they learn, grow and support each other in impact and personal development.

Develop Purpose and Cross-Cultural Agility

Assessments — including Imperative Purpose and Aperian GlobeSmart — will help your team understand cross-cultural competencies, purpose, strengths, and leadership drivers. We’ll then help them use these insights to customize their own learning goals.

Stretch Learning + Social Good Experience

Through an immersive, field-based Experteering assignment with carefully selected social impact organizations, your employees will put theory into practice and leverage their professional expertise to make a difference.

Innovation Report

Participants will be guided to translate their experience and learnings into a capstone presentation so they can capture impact, development, and innovation ideas for use within their fulltime roles.

Reporting and Storytelling

For impact beyond the individual, participants present their learning back to the wider organization and we help amplify their stories for media and PR opportunities.

Align Projects With Your Business and Impact Goals

Our project scoping starts with the most pressing business needs of vetted social impact organizations. With hundreds of projects on our platform, you can find projects aligned with your corporate goals, or work us us to onboard your own partners.

Skills-based volunteering is exploding, and there is nothing comparable to MovingWorlds with the kind of technical sophistication and global reach on a scalable platform they offer.

- Chris Jarvis, Realized Worth

Measurable impact on your triple bottom line

We know every investment you make matters. MovingWorlds has proven benefits for your employees, for your social mission — and for your business.


Employees Benefit

Across over 12 leadership dimensions, Experteers exhibit transformative growth in as a little as one week. Volunteers don’t just develop skills, they grow as innovative leaders with more awareness of strategic geographies. Our strategic partnership with Imperative helps professionals tap into their own purpose drivers in the process.


Business Benefits

The return on investment calculations demonstrate a clear business case for any audience level, proving it drives

  • Employee engagement
  • Skill development
  • Process & product improvements that impact the business.

Society Benefits

Experteers help tackle one of the leading barriers to progress: the Global Talent Gap. Their professional expertise helps social impact organizations to develop skills and improve strategy and operations. Catalytic support from Experteers can:

  • Solve immediate challenges to impact organizations and their beneficiaries
  • Tap into global networks and knowledge-sharing communities
  • Empower locally-led enterprises to scale and create local jobs.

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