Social Impact Project for Videographer Needed to Support Access to Healthcare in Rural India

How This Works

As part of the TRANSFORM Support Hub, you will learn how to advance your career while getting hands on experience on projects like this one.

Project Description and Impact

The project is all about ensuring access to healthcare and education for the differently abled children from the most secluded communities in Bodhgaya Region of northern India. In the rural outskirts of Bihar state of India, even normal children are experiencing difficulties in term of access to healthcare and education. It is an utterly heart-rending and heart-wrenching problem, especially in regards to children with mental health issues.

We have set up facilities for these children but currently are experiencing challenges due to a lack of access to professionals with expertise relevant to the field.  To expand our impact, we are looking for Video Editors / Videographers to help us capture and share the stories of these children and the work we're doing. We hope that short movies or visual clips would suffice in capturing the spirit of the projects, and hope to find someone qualified to execute the project successfully.

Learning Opportunity

This is an excellent opportunity to learn to embrace a different culture, how to love fully, how to love unconditionally, how to live for bigger purposes, how to see the soul in smiles of others even when language is a barrier, and how to sustain humour even if you do not have something materialistic. By accepting this assignment, the selected candidate can start the longest journey of their life between head and heart, getting deeper and closer to the inner self. We're confident that the selected experteer will have a transformative experience, learning to be present and most importantly be grateful.


Since we are working with the communities in destitute conditions, we always encourage individuals working with us to live simply in solidarity. We can provide a simple room with attached bathroom (with hot water). The rooms have fans but we do not provide an air conditioner.

Please note: we sometimes request that individuals share rooms. Most of the rooms have double and triple beds. We are open if the Experteer feels strongly about their need for a private room to arranging a single occupancy room if it's available. We can discuss discuss this with candidates during scoping calls on a case by case basis.

Food Stipend

For breakfast we can provide toast with butter, cheese, tomatoes and honey with Tea. We have toaster and the individuals need to toast as many as they want. Tea is prepared by the kitchen staff.

For lunch we can provide rice, lentils, green vegetable and chapati. Food can have a little spiciness or no spiciness.

For dinner (which is served until 9 pm) we can provide chapati, vegetables, salad and sometimes sweet rice. Our cuisine has an influence of traditional life in Inida.

Egg, curry and noodles are also served once a week at either lunch or dinner. Chicken is offered every Sunday at lunch.

Additional Benefits

We can provide Yoga sessions, meditation sessions, participation in cultural activities, encouraging participation in the events that broaden understanding about cross cultures, and language competence classes.


This project accepts virtual experteers.

About the Hosting Organization

Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation is a Non-profit working on Education.