Social Impact Project for Technology Experteer to Support Digitising Democracy

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Project Description and Impact

Electnow is a project that supports people to tackle human rights challenges in their community through education, empowerment and connection. This is achieved through a mobile and web app that supports people to learn about public policy challenges in their local electorate, and put the issues they care about the centre of the political agenda, by connecting with other citizens and engaging politicians to achieve positive social change.

The website is of a social networking structure designed specifically for constituents to communicate directly with their elected politicians and with each other in this modern era with ease. It enables greater transparency by allowing users to utilise their location to identify their electorate as well as its elected politician. In addition to communication, this website will provide educational tools to the public through digestible language, that lacks complex political jargon, allowing for quick processing of information for users so they have better understanding of their rights and easy access to the politicians responsible for upholding them. In essence this website gentrifies democracy for the functionally disenfranchised and facilitate the realisation of human rights in local community segments divided by political electorates All this is accessible to all citizens eligible to vote in their local areas.

With this project we will launch a web app that allows for seamless connectivity and user interface between platforms as well as maintaining aesthetic consistency across the entirety of the application platform. Successful implementation of this project would enable us to reach a wider range of audience due to the software’s accessibility to all constituents and the public at large. 

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This project accepts virtual experteers.

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Citizen Tasmania is a Non-profit working on Arts and Crafts, Civic & Social Organization, Education, E-Learning, Media Production, Motion Pictures and Film, Non-Profit, Online Media, Public Policy, Publishing, Theatre & Drama, Writing and Editing.


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