Social Impact Project for Technology/Database Management Expert - Attendance Tracking Platform

How This Works

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Project Description and Impact

A grant deliverable that we need to track is increasing family engagement by 20% every year. We have not found an ideal way to track attendance at our events. Some events people pre-register for, and some they don't. Sometimes we need signatures, and sometimes we don't. Having a platform where a family could log into an account and see their whole family and then check in the family members who are there would be ideal. 

Right now we are using a spreadsheet that attendance is entered into after each event, which takes a lot of time. 

Learning Opportunity

We are a local community center providing family engagement to one of the poorest areas in Washington State. Seeing how we provide services to folks here can be very fulfilling. 


This project accepts virtual experteers.

About the Hosting Organization

Northeast Community Center Association is a Non-profit working on Civic & Social Organization.


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