Social Impact Project for Support Digitizing Investment Process for African Entrepreneurs with CRM

How This Works

In the MovingWorlds Institute Global Fellowship, you will learn how to advance your for-good career while getting hands on experience on projects like this one.

Project Description and Impact

At our organization, we have facilitated 237 investments for emerging market entrepreneurs in the last decade. Most investments were done 'manually' as these investments are based on personal relations and trust and will always be done by people. However, we wish to further digitize our 'backend' processes to scale up our impact even more. So we need support on selecting and implementing a new CRM system. Ideally this would also include deal flow management, investor mapping/matchmaking. We prefer to make use of available tools for this, instead of developing new software.

We are very dedicated team purpose-driven business and investment experts, but have limited expertise in digitizing our processes and linking different tools. So there will be a need for guiding us in this process. Based on that, you need to come up with a benchmark on the available tools (we started this already) and after designing the right tools for the best flow, we need to implement this and train the team on optimal use. 

By supporting us in our digital transformation, you directly support scaling up our activities in the region and achieve our ambition to facilitate 100M USD of impact investments for emerging market entrepreneurs, with almost 8000 direct jobs created in sectors as agriculture, renewable energy, clean water, healthcare and fintech. 

We suggest to combine the project in 1-2 months in Amsterdam and 4-5 months in Kampala to understand the complete spectrum of our services. It will probably also include a trip to our team in Rwanda. 

Learning Opportunity

By participating in the MovingWorlds Institute, you will first learn social impact frameworks and human-centered design before putting your existing skills and new knowledge to action.In addition, this organization will expose you to new things, like:

  • Meeting many East African entrepeneurs, investors and other stakeholders.
  • Work in a small multi-cultural team with Eauropean and African colleagues. 
  • get insight in impact investments and the investment process and hands on experience


airbnb, max 350 USD/month

Living Stipend

We offer a daily allowance of 30 USD. 

Travel Stipend

1 return ticket, economy class (max 700,- USD)


This project accepts virtual experteers.

About the Hosting Organization

BiD Network is a For-profit with social mission working on Financial Services, Impact Investing.


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