Skill-based Trainer to Help Set Up Vocational Training for Women

What happens next?

Skills Needed

  • Product Design


Provides information, makes recommendations, and assists with the implementation of solutions.


Our main hurdle is an expert trainer who can design, teach and train a couple of products. The quality, finishing, and material would make a difference. We had been doing something or the other in our own capacity and it has got a good response. We are sure that an expert can make a very big difference.

Language Proficiencies

  • English

Estimated Workload

Part Time (2-15 hours a week)

When Can You Start?

As soon as posible


Project Details


This project will be located in a beautiful village. We have around 10-15 women in a village who are a part of our vocational training. Our biggest challenge is to have an expert skill-based trainer who can train these women in simple cost efficient products. This trainer will need to design the products and then teach the local women how to make the products themselves.

Since these women live in a village, they usually have free time by 12 pm. By that time, they have finished all the household chores, farm work, taken the buffaloes out to graze on the grass and finished cooking. Generally, we have them in our training from 12:00 pm/12:30 pm till 4:00 pm in the evening. These women are given homework so that they can practice and if they get time at night or in the morning. By 4:30 pm - 5:00 pm we move back from the village to the city. In the afternoon the women have ample time which is merely wasted, we are trying to utilize this free time to create a leader among each of the motivated women.

We want to make these women utilize their afternoon free time, be self-sustained, earn money and help their daughters get educated. Many girls in this village are drop-outs. If the women are trained, are a part of a product cycle and the products are being sold, then it would help these women earn money. We want every woman to gain financial independence. This will be crucial for their development and will empower them. We are trying to create emotional and financial stability among the women in the village. This would create and increase self-esteem, learning a skill that can help them earn money would make a big difference in their life.

Dates are flexible 

Benefits Overview



Learning Opportunity

A professional can:

  1. Learn how these women in the village live happily - despite a lack of money, education, infrastructure, and awareness.
  2. Learn how their families stay together through thick and thin.
  3. Witness how their efforts would be valued and treasured.
  4. Learn and observe how their mere presence and a small contribution can change the lives of many people around.
  5. Learn about a new culture, food, society and the values that these villagers have.
  6. Create and bring upon many possible opportunities through which you can learn and enjoy the different culture 

More than this you would be surprised to see how the culture is different in the village and in city, where the mere distance between them is not more than 20 km

Organization Details

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