Social Impact Project for Organizational Change Management for emerging economies

How This Works

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Project Description and Impact

We are a young organization that has developed a software product for organizaing the housing construction ecosystem: emerging market governments, supply chain, Lenders, consumers, contractors and workers. Our software ensures that construction funds are used for their intended purposes and construction progress is certified along the way. Construction is a sector that predominantly deals in cash because of its dependencies on the informal sector. Our product however, brings everyone onto a single platform to collaboarate and transact for full transparency. This is happy news for some and not so happy for others. Large bansk and organizations, and governments as well, may be happy at the top to implement the technology but then have a very difficult time gaining adoption down the chain of command. We would like to understand better how to improve our training, reinforce and gently nudge the adoption and monitor compliance. Many of the emplyees have only used tech for facebook or to make a purchase using MPESA but not to fill out forms or conduct further business activity. So there is both a hardware and software training component. And then the idea of leaving old ways behind and trusting a new way of doing things, which in the end will make their lives easier. The companies that we work with often have zero budgets for training, zero budgets for adoption oversight, and zero strategic implementing managers responsible for enforcement, incentives and KPI's. We need help to design the training framework, staged rollout, follow up HR incentives (100% compliance carrot: branch/region contest or stick: no bonuses) and thinking through the training of 1,000+ government workers, or 50,000+ union workers or a national workforce of skilled and unskilled labor: 5M+

Learning Opportunity

Learn about a new global technology that is empowering the world to build.


Learn about cultural differences between markets

Learn about onboarding procedures, train the trainer models, agent networks and more!


This project accepts virtual experteers.

About the Hosting Organization

iBUILD Global, Inc. is a For-profit with social mission working on Architecture & Planning, Building Materials, Civil Engineering, Computer Software, Construction, Financial Services, Global Development, Information Technology (IT), Logistics and Supply Chain, Staffing and Recruiting.


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