Social Impact Project for Marketing & Communications Expert for Peruvian Nonprofit

How This Works

In the MovingWorlds Institute Global Fellowship, you will learn how to advance your for-good career while getting hands on experience on projects like this one.

Project Description and Impact

We are a Peruvian non-profit civil association, formed by a group of citizens, professionals, committed to reducing poverty in isolated communities within Peru; and in promoting a better understanding and true respect between different societies and cultures (nationally and internationally).

So far, our organization has been almost solely supported by our Learning-Service programs. Our model works, but we have not been able to promoted it to its fullest potential. 

Before COVID19, we increased our number of groups in twice the number; however, the pandemic arrived and all of our efforts went back to zero.

BUT we have updated our programs for uniquely tackling the eradication of poverty and promoting learning service through intercultural exchange, now on a virtual basis. However, we are still facing the same barrier of now knowing how to promote the programs to their fullest potential. 

We have the support of our community partners, we have the professionals required, the availability of technology such as VR (to make our programs online) but we need an expert to take us to the next level with a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Learning Opportunity

By participating in the MovingWorlds Institute, you will first learn social impact frameworks and human-centered design before putting your existing skills and new knowledge to action.In addition, this organization will expose you to new things, like:

- About Peruvian culture

- About the dynamics behind poverty reduction 

- About high-andeans communities in Peru

-About the inner workings of a social impact organization

Additional Benefits

Volunteering for a non-profit, it is always rewarding. 

If you volunteer for us, you will be supporting isolated communities, who are not always considered in the numbers of poverty reduction. This populations require a lot of support and our organization has been providing it for a long time through our model.

Moreover, you will be supporting an different way to promote intercultural exchange and learning from the field that will support the education of young people who will become engaged members of the society or leaders of our world.

We know how to help communities and young citizen from different world, we need your help to be better on our promotion to include more communities and young citizens to benefit from our work.

Last but not least, when the pandemic is over, we offer you a trip to Cusco, you would only need to pay your international travel fare to Cusco!


This project accepts virtual experteers.

About the Hosting Organization

Nexos Comunitarios is a Non-profit working on Civic & Social Organization, Education, Non-Profit, Philanthropy, Health / Wellness / Fitness, Sports.