Social Impact Project for Go-To-Market Strategy

How This Works

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Project Description and Impact

So far my marketing strategy has leveraged my existing network and LinkedIn, but I need to scale up. I've tried posting daily on LinkedIn to create brand awareness and trust, and while that was effective it doesn't feel sustainable. I'm doing this work on top of my full-time job, so spending hours creating content and engaging with other people so the content gets visibility is a big drain on my time/energy. 

I have just finished validating my business and products - I developed and tested my MVP, and cleared the minimum benchmarks. So far I have done customer discovery, identified my target market, my value prop, and have a working lean canvas.

But product-market fit doesn't matter if no one can find my courses! As a solopreneur doing this on top of my full-time job (plus I'm still in the process of building out additional products/courses), I could use support identifying what to prioritize, what to do myself, and what to outsource in my go-to-market strategy. For example, how can the 80/20 rule be leveraged?

Learning Opportunity

I'd be happy to do a skillshare! I have a background in leadership development (coaching, effective 1:1s, giving and receiving feedback, etc.) and facilitation. I've been in the social impact space my entire career so happy to share my insights on that as well.


This project accepts virtual experteers.

About the Hosting Organization

Changemaker Careers is a For-profit with social mission working on Civic & Social Organization, Education, E-Learning, Professional Training & Coaching.