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Project Description and Impact

Impertimus Education investment is a for Impact social enterprise that works to ensure Access to Quality Education to school going children in Kenya. Impertimus avails funds to help retain children in secondary school level. Impertimus has established Abaki Shule Plan, a low cost secondary school loan product offered as a Community Revolving fund funded by impact investors through Crowdfunding platform to support children from the low income households through school.

Nearly 1.8 million children between the age of 6 -17 years are out of school in Kenya. In Kilifi County, Parents spend almost 40-60% of their household income on education and 75 % of the families often lack the funds to keep children in school on a consistent basis. The 2019 Kenyan census cited that there were 3.4 million students in secondary school growing at an average of 4% every year and Kilifi County had 83,181 students in secondary school. Over 40% of these students are reported to spend 7 to 14 days at home every school term waiting for their parents to meet unpaid school fee balances to schools. Majority of these students come from economically disadvantaged homes, where incomes are low and unpredictable. Staying at home causes them to miss out on school hours which results to poor academic performance. Adversely, they become vulnerable to risks of early pregnancy, marriages, drugs and substance abuse and often drop out of school.

Our zero interest school fee loans helps economically disadvantaged households retain their children in secondary schools and improve students’ overall school attendance. Our leading product is a zero interest school fee loan named ABAKI SHULE PLAN (Swahili for STAY IN SCHOOL). It is offered as a secondary school fee loan that enables parents to make lump sum school fees payments at the beginning of every term. 

We have developed a crowdfunding platform that helps us bring together a community of impact investors to invest in the loan requests of our beneficiaries. Currently we have develop the onboarding process and types of investors we are targeting to enagege to raise funds. We need help in fundraising, creating compleling marketing message, create a movement of supporters who will fund the Community Revolving Fund.


This project accepts virtual experteers.

About the Hosting Organization

Impertimus Education Investment is a For-profit with social mission working on Education, Financial Services.