Social Impact Project for Enhancing Food Security and Climate Shock Management through Digital Agriculture and Crop Modeling

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Project Description and Impact

Enhancing Food Security and Climate Shock Management through Digital Agriculture and Crop Modeling

Introduction: In light of increasing global challenges related to food security and climate change, there is a growing need to harness technological advancements to improve agricultural practices.Unfortunately, my organisation- the National Root Crops Research Institute (NRCRI), mudike do not have enough personels versed in  crop modelling skills and digiral agriculture. Digital agriculture and crop modeling offer promising solutions to enhance food security and mitigate the impacts of climate shocks on agricultural production. This project proposal aims to leverage these technologies to develop practical strategies for sustainable farming and resilient crop management.

Objective: The primary objective of this project is to acquire skills in digital agriculture and crop modeling to address the following:

  1. Enhancing food security through improved agricultural productivity and resource efficiency.
  2. Developing strategies for climate shock management to mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change on crop yields.
  3. Facilitating knowledge transfer and capacity building among local farmers and stakeholders in digital agriculture and crop modeling techniques.

Learning Opportunity

By working with me in this training, the Experteer can gain insights into my unique perspectives, experiences, and approaches to learning and problem-solving in the field of digital agriculture and crop modeling. They can learn from my practical applications of theory, my challenges, and my successes, providing them with valuable real-world context and practical knowledge. Additionally, collaborating with me can foster mutual learning and exchange of ideas, enriching both my understanding and theirs of the subject matter, and promoting a supportive and collaborative learning environment.


This project accepts virtual experteers.

About the Hosting Organization

National Root Crops Research Institute, Umudike, Abia State, Nigeria is a Non-profit working on Farming, Food Production.


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