Social Impact Project for Business Strategy/Strategy Expert to Develop a Business Plan

How This Works

As part of the TRANSFORM Support Hub, you will learn how to advance your career while getting hands on experience on projects like this one.

Project Description and Impact

The background of the project involves Civicom Aid's mission to address various humanitarian needs in communities both locally and abroad. Civicom Aid is committed to initiatives such as farming, education, healthcare, clean energy, and tree planting, aiming to make a positive impact and uplift the lives of those in need.

However, to effectively carry out these initiatives and sustain its operations, Civicom Aid requires support in the form of a comprehensive not-for-profit business plan. This plan will serve as a strategic roadmap, providing guidance and direction for the organization's activities and endeavors.

The need for support arises from the complexity and scope of Civicom Aid's operations. With diverse projects and initiatives spanning different sectors and locations, the organization requires a structured approach to ensure efficiency, accountability, and sustainability.

The expected deliverables for the experteer tasked with developing the business plan include various essential components such as a detailed Business Plan Document, Operational Guidelines, Fundraising Strategy, Online Presence Plan, Partnership Development strategy, Evaluation and Monitoring Framework, Implementation Plan, among others.

These deliverables will provide Civicom Aid with the necessary tools and resources to streamline its operations, enhance its fundraising efforts, expand its online reach, foster strategic partnerships, and monitor its progress effectively. Ultimately, the business plan will enable Civicom Aid to achieve its goals more efficiently and have a greater impact on the communities it serves.

Learning Opportunity

By working on this project, the experteer can gain valuable insights and experiences in several key areas:

  1. Nonprofit Management: The experteer will learn about the intricacies of managing a nonprofit organization, including the development of strategic plans, operational guidelines, and fundraising strategies. They will gain hands-on experience in navigating the complexities of nonprofit governance and management.

  2. Strategic Planning: Developing a comprehensive not-for-profit business plan requires strategic thinking and planning. The experteer will learn how to assess organizational needs, set goals and objectives, and develop actionable strategies to achieve them. They will gain experience in creating roadmaps for organizational growth and sustainability.

  3. Fundraising and Resource Mobilization: Fundraising is a critical aspect of nonprofit operations. The experteer will have the opportunity to learn about various fundraising techniques and strategies, including donor cultivation, grant writing, and crowdfunding. 

  4. Partnership Development: Collaboration with external stakeholders is essential for the success of nonprofit organizations. The experteer will learn how to build and nurture strategic partnerships with other organizations, government agencies, and community groups. They will gain experience in fostering relationships that can enhance organizational capacity and impact.

  5. Monitoring and Evaluation: Effective monitoring and evaluation are essential for assessing the impact of nonprofit programs and initiatives. The experteer will learn how to develop evaluation frameworks, collect and analyze data, and measure the outcomes and effectiveness of organizational activities. They will gain skills in using data to inform decision-making and improve program performance.

By working on this project, the experteer will gain valuable practical experience, professional skills, and a deeper understanding of nonprofit management and operations. They will have the opportunity to contribute to Civicom Aid's mission of addressing humanitarian needs and making a positive impact in communities both locally and abroad.


This project accepts virtual experteers.

About the Hosting Organization

Civicom Aid is a Non-profit working on Education, Farming, Oil & Energy, Health / Wellness / Fitness.