Social Impact Project for Business Mentor to Young Rwandan Entrepreneurs

How This Works

As part of the TRANSFORM Support Hub, you will learn how to advance your career while getting hands on experience on projects like this one.

Project Description and Impact

While many organizations in Africa support economic development, most focus on the early stages of new business creation or provide short-term services. These offerings generate an abundance of ideas but too often fail to generate real enterprises that create meaningful numbers of jobs.

Instead of stimulating new business development, our programs provide on-going support to existing entrepreneurs to enter new markets, strengthen their operations, and ultimately grow their businesses.

We believe in a simple concept: In order to create more jobs in Africa, we find the people who are already creating jobs, and help them do it better.

As an Experteer with our organization, you will spend 6-12 weeks in Kigali, Rwanda working one-on-one with young Rwandan entrepreneurs. Test your skills in a challenging new environment while contributing directly to job creation in one of East Africa’s fastest growing economies. Your expertise will make a powerful difference in the life of a young innovator while offering the adventure of a lifetime for yourself. You'll be mentoring entrepreneurs from a diverse range of industries including agribusiness, retail, energy, manufacturing, and services. We will match you with an entrepreneur who can benefit from YOUR unique background and skills. 

Learning Opportunity

Rwanda is undergoing a remarkable turnaround just 20 years after the devastation of the Genocide. Come witness the country's stunning economic transformation firsthand as you work side-by-side with an ambitious young entrepreneur. You'll learn about the unique challenges and opportunities of scaling businesses in emerging markets, and develop skills in coaching, consulting, and adaptive business strategy. In your free time, you'll have a chance to explore the vibrant history, culture, and wildlife of East Africa through weekend trips to Rwanda's national parks or longer jaunts to neighboring Uganda, Kenya, or Tanzania. 


We have a guesthouse in a residential neighborhood in Kigali, Rwanda. Situated right behind the Rwandan Parliament building, the 7-bedroom, 3.5 bath guest house is used by international volunteers, mentors, and our own Executive Director.  The house has a small garden, a balcony with a gorgeous view of the valley, on-site house-keeper and security guard.  It’s within walking distance to the only burrito shop in town, the Indian Chef restaurant, and the ever-popular Kigali Casino.  We have one small house dog, Ruca, who is friendly and calm.   

Additional Benefits

Our team is excited to welcome you to Rwanda! Our four expat team members will be living in the house with you and we love to get together for trivia nights, gym trips, happy hours, family dinners, and weekend excursions. And did we mention we're located next to a burrito shop? 

About the Hosting Organization

African Entrepreneur Collective is a Non-profit working on Global Development, Impact Investing.