Social Impact Project for Business Developer

How This Works

In the MovingWorlds Institute Global Fellowship, you will learn how to advance your for-good career while getting hands on experience on projects like this one.

Project Description and Impact

We are looking for an ambitious, organized and results-driven Experteer who can be part of driving a change future growth.

The role:

You will manage the Growing Smart Leaders program like a small business and are involved in all facets of its success including sales and marketing, goal setting, events and workshops coordination, etc. You will supervise a network of representatives which includes training, evaluating, and managing these representatives.

Learning Opportunity

By participating in the MovingWorlds Institute, you will first learn social impact frameworks and human-centered design before putting your existing skills and new knowledge to action.In addition, this organization will expose you to new things, like:

Resilience and the art of starting a business in an unstable economy with nothing other than drive, ambition and determination.


I have already started talking to Guest House owners in the area near our workplace. The one I would recommend is Repa Guest House

Additional Benefits

I am a startup with minimum resources. I shall only be able to provided a limited resources until i get more word from Sponsors. 


This project accepts virtual experteers.

About the Hosting Organization

TheReformist Social Venture is a For-profit with social mission working on Global Development.