Certificate Course: Partnering with Social Enterprises

Learn about social enterprises, impact investing, and why corporations are developing partnerships with the sector.

What is a social enterprise certificate course

Who is it for?

This certificate course is for CSR leaders, working professionals, and business leaders that want to learn more about:

  • What are social enterprises
  • What is impact investing
  • What are the trends influencing corporations to partner with social enterprsies
  • Best-practices in partnering with social enterprises
  • Frameworks for social impact partnerships, measurement, innovation, and scalability

How much does it cost?

Currently, this course is only available through the MovingWorlds Institute, corporate partnerships and social enterprise capacity building partnership programs with MovingWorlds

What do I get?

At the completion, you will get a certificate from the MovingWorlds Institute that you can add to your LinkedIn profile, as well as ongoing updates about news effecting the social enterprise movement.

How do I enroll?

Applications are not yet open to the general public and are only available to MovingWorlds community members. You can express interest in the form below.

Interested? Register here: