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We help impact investors, foundations, accelerators and incubators around the world access pro bono, field-based support that accelerates growth and impact for organizations in their network.

MovingWorlds empowers partners to connect their affiliated organizations with catalytic talent. Our global network of high-skilled volunteers — we call them Experteers — are actively looking to volunteer their expertise to support impact organizations on field-based projects that create impact in as little as one week.

We help organizations scope projects, train both organizations and Experteers for their engagements, facilitate a thorough planning process focused on sustainability, and report on learning and impact.

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How We Work

We customize our Experteering program with each of our partners to ensure it aligns with your capacity building strategy and reporting needs.

MovingWorlds will setup a branded page

Get your own branded page on MovingWorlds (like this) where we can feature the projects of all field-organizations affiliated with you.

Onboard Your Field Organizations

(With extra scoping support)
Our team will administer a talent gap assessment, training webinar, and then help your oranization post high-impact projects.

Promote the Partnership

MovingWorlds provides promotion guides and content to help promote the partnership. You will promote amidst your organizations and followers, and MovingWorlds will do extra promotion to its followers to generate attention for your brand, and for your organizations in the field.

Experteer Matchmaking & Planning Support

MovingWorlds will guide the organizations receiving the support and the Experteer through a comprehensive matchmaking and planning process.

Impact Reporting & Storytelling

We follow-up with projects when they finish, and then continue to track long-term impact to ensure sustainable improvements are being made by Experteers.

Legal & Expense Management

We guide the projects to ensure everyone is adequately prepared and all legal and financial agreements are in place. If you develop a sponsored program with MovingWorlds, we'll work to ensure all necessary forms are completed.

Common Experteering Projects

In as little as one week, or as long as one year, Experteers can serve in the following roles to build capacity where you need it most:


Accomplished professionals can serve as strategic consultants to conduct analysis, identify blind spots, and deliver process and program improvements.


Project Support

Skilled professionals can contribute to an in-progress project to help meet deadlines and/or contribute the needed capacity to enable successful completion.



Find an experienced professional to provide coaching, mentorship, and/or training sessions on specific tools, frameworks, processes, and/or leadership skills. This option is especially helpful in upskilling your core team and creating long-term impact on your organization.


MovingWorlds provides catalytic support where it is needed most.

Committed to Professional Excellence

We screen and select professionals with at least two years of professional experience, who then pay to access our Experteering platform and resources. All Experteers are trained on best practices in global development, cross-cultural sensitivity, communication and project management. Our ‘Experteering Planning Guide’ ensures that Experteer and organization can ensure they are a good fit before the project starts.

Premium members in our MovingWorlds Institute and Impact Teams have supplemental training and mentorship to be even more effective.

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