Scale the Impact of Your Network

Easily provide next-level learning, networking, and capacity-building support to your portfolio.

Our global platform makes it easy for impact investors, foundations, and accelerators to provide their networks of social enterprises catalytic support

In the process, we give you the opportunity to expand and extend your brand, find more partners, and build corporate connections.

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How We Work

We customize our partnership to ensure it aligns with your capacity building strategy and reporting needs.

Get a Branded Page on MovingWorlds

Get your own branded page on MovingWorlds (like this) where we can feature the projects of all field-organizations affiliated with you.

Onboard Your Field Organizations

Our team will provide all the content you need to communicate with your network about all of the support available to them. If useful, we can also host a webinar together and answer questions from your network in real-time.

Promote the Partnership

MovingWorlds provides structured guidance and content to help promote the partnership. As you promote the partnership among your organizations and followers, MovingWorlds will do the same with our community to generate attention for your brand and for your organizations in the field.

Experteer Matchmaking & Planning Support

MovingWorlds will guide the organizations receiving the support and the Experteer through a comprehensive matchmaking and planning process.

Extra Learning & Networking

Your organizations can access learning content, as well as all other TRANSFORM Support Hub features like community and peer-connections, to further develop their abilities to grow revenues, impact, and partnerships.

Impact Reporting & Storytelling

We follow-up with projects when they finish, and then continue to track long-term impact to ensure sustainable improvements are being made by Experteers.

Legal & Expense Management

We guide the projects to ensure everyone is adequately prepared and all legal and financial agreements are in place. If you develop a sponsored program with MovingWorlds, we'll work to ensure all necessary forms are completed.

MovingWorlds provides catalytic support where it is needed most.

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