COVID-19 Update

MovingWorlds is committed to investing heavily in supporting personal, organizational, and system-wide recovery from COVID-19.

Organizations looking for support can:

Get connected with accomplished professionals traveling and volunteering their skills

By partnering with MovingWorlds, we can help you and your organization find support to overcome any challenge.

If your organization exists to make the world better, then you can register to access our global network of "Experteers" who come from around the world and have the know-how and connections to help you solve problems, seize new opportunities, and accelerate your impact.

Join us.

A Low-to-No Cost Solution to Find Skills

Once you create a profile for your organization and agree to our hosting principles, you'll gain access to our community of highly-skilled professionals.

While MovingWorlds does not charge a fee to you, we do ask that you:

World-Class Support

6 easy steps to find the skills you need to take your team to the next level

Step 1: Join

Create a profile for you and your organization. Once set up, you can add multiple team members to manage their own projects.

Step 2: Post a Project

Post up to 5 projects at a time for your organization. Use our skills gap assessment and project posting guide to find the best Experteer.

Step 3: Find a Professional

Get discovered by Experteers that want to support your cause. You can also use our Experteer search tool to proactively reach out to professionals.

Step 4: Confirm a Match

Have a call to screen your applicants, and then choose the Experteer that best fits your needs.

Step 5: Plan Your Engagement

MovingWorlds will guide you and the Experteer through a full planning process to ensure a high-impact experience. Review the MovingWorlds hosting resources to be an effective host.

Step 6: Host an Experteer

Host your Experteer and catalyze your impact. Use our best practices to ensure long-term change is being made.

How Experteers Can Help

MovingWorlds' Experteers, in as little as one week, can serve in the following roles to add capacity to your organization, transfer skills, and make strategic recommendations to help accelerate your growth and impact:


Accomplished professionals can serve as strategic consultants to conduct analysis, identify blind spots, and deliver process and program improvements.


Project Support

Skilled professionals can contribute to an in-progress project to help meet deadlines and/or contribute the needed capacity to enable successful completion.



Find an experienced professional to provide coaching, mentorship, and/or training sessions on specific tools, frameworks, processes, and/or leadership skills. This option is especially helpful in upskilling your core team and creating long-term impact on your organization.


Focused on a Sustainable Impact

Our high-skilled Experteers receive extra training and planning process to ensure they can start making a positive impact right away.

In addition, our award-winning planning process effectively guides you and the Experteer through a collaborative discussion in order to have you both on the same page and ensure a sustainable impact.

Our Experteers...


Go Where Expertise Is Needed Most

Nearly 1,000 Experteers have contributed over $13 million USD worth of professional skills to social enterprises around the world.


Solve challenges, develop skills, and improve strategy and operations

  • 71% host organizations report they would not have been able to achieve the same impact without MovingWorlds Experteers
  • 77% improved operational capabilities and strategy
  • 82% report positive impact on their staff

Make Global Connections

Our Experteers have helped create international partnerships.


Scale local solutions, create income and jobs.

  • 95% of host organizations report their Experteering experience positively impacted organizational outcomes
  • 100% say that the experience has positively impacted their end-beneficiaries
  • 100% would recommend MovingWorlds to a friend or colleague

Experteering is a new way to pool top talent for social good

Expertise fills gaps that would otherwise be untouched

Skills-based volunteers have a role in global development