Welcome PayPal Participants!

Congratulations! PayPal Gives Nonprofit Experience Program has sponsored your MovingWorlds Individual Experteering membership.

Here's what you can expect:

  1. Be invited to join PayPal Gives Nonprofit Experience Program (NEP)
  2. Review NEP program details [Within two weeks of being invited to join NEP]
  3. Commit to join the NEP by notifying PayPal HR by sending email to transition_support@paypal.com with subject line: Nonprofit Experience Program [Within two weeks of being invited to join NEP]
  4. HR transition team will confirm you are approved for the program and supply you with a unique link to create your Experteering profile [Within two weeks of being invited to join NEP]
  5. Sign updated Secondment Agreement and amended Separation Agreement with PayPal when prompted by PayPal HR [Within 5 business days after receiving the agreements from PayPal]
  6. Confirm your NEP start and end dates with PayPal HR. If these dates change, you are responsible for alerting the organization with which you are working [When you receive the Secondment Agreement and/or sign the Secondment Agreement]
  7. Complete the PayPal Gives NEP Onboarding Module on MovingWorlds Learning Management System [Same day that you register on MovingWorlds]
  8. Start matching process with MovingWorlds by requesting 5 introductions within your first 2 days as shared in the onboarding training and explained below [Within 2 business days of registering]
  9. Continue the matching process according to this timeline:
    1. Week 1: Request at least 5 introductions in your first 2 days to projects that are a skills-based match (learn more about finding projects that match your skills below).
    2. Week 2: Have introduction calls with organizations and either confirm a match or be close to confirming a match.
    3. Week 3: If not matched within 2 weeks, MovingWorlds will work closely with you in week 3 to facilitate introductions with organizations on our platform, creating a deadline for introduction calls.
    4. Week 4: If not matched within 3 weeks, PayPal may directly assign you to a participating PayPal Nonprofit Partner.

  10. After confirming a match, complete your Experteering Planning Guide and start working on your project [Within 2-4 weeks of onboarding]
  11. End of NEP [3 months after signing Secondment Agreement]
  12. Fill out survey [Within 7 days of NEP end date]
  13. Questions? Please review our Frequently Asked Questions section

At MovingWorlds, we have guided over 1,000 Experteers through successful skills-based volunteering projects. Beyond matching to projects, our process and guides also will help you think about how this experience can help you take the next steps in your career.

If you join us as an Experteer, we’ll first provide you with training and primers on the social impact industry, best practices for skills-based volunteering during COVID-19, and how to design projects and programs for long-term, sustainable impact. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in monthly webinars on how to use your Experteering experience to help your career. Finally, you’ll spend up to 3 months working with a social enterprise on a project matched to your professional skills, both enhancing your own skills and providing your host organization with a usable product.

Ready to take the next step? Please follow the steps below (and if you have questions, email us at paypal@movingworlds.org).

Program Overview

Follow the steps below to get started and create a real, lasting impact.

1. Claim your account

Register for MovingWorlds with the unique link provided. PayPal sponsored participants must register using the link provided by PayPal HR to access the full program experience.

2. Sign secondment agreement

Work with your PayPal HR partner to sign your secondment agreement within 10 days.

3. Complete the onboarding module

You will receive a link to the PayPal Gives NEP Onboarding when you register with MovingWorlds. You are expected to complete the Onboarding Module on the same day that you register. At the end of the Onboarding Module, you will complete a form that confirms your understanding of the NEP requirements.

4. Browse projects

Browse projects here. If you find a project that is interesting and fits your skills, please click on that project to learn more about it.

Make sure you are searching for projects and organizations that match your skills, which you selected when creating your Experteering profile in Step 3.

Note that if you identify with the work and goals of an organization, you can request an introduction to the organization itself, even if there is no project available at the moment.

You can search for projects or organizations across our entire network of partner organizations on our platform. If you request introductions to projects or organizations most aligned with your skills, you’ll have the best chance of matching quickly.

5. Request an introduction

If you see a project that is interesting and fits your skills, click on “Request Introduction”, you will then be prompted to add an introduction message. This will notify the organization to review your profile. If they want to work with you, they will confirm with MovingWorlds, at which point we will introduce you together and guide next steps detailed in our matching process.

6. Planning & ongoing support

Once you are matched, our team will guide you on next steps for the Experteering Planning Process. At any time, if you have questions and/or need help finding a project, our program team will provide you additional support to help you find and plan a high-impact project.

7. Complete your project

Log into your dashboard to access our Experteering best practices learning module as you work through your project.

8. Share your feedback

As a participant of this program, you will be asked to complete a required survey to share feedback about this program.


If you have any questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, and if you can’t find the answer you need, please email match@movingworlds.org.