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A For-profit with social mission

How This Works

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Organization Details

Treedom is the only site that allows people and companies to plant trees at a distance and follow them online, directly financing local farmers around the world. Those who plant with Treedom do not have a tree, they have their own tree. Every single tree is planted, photographed, geolocated and is visible online, to show your commitment to everyone in a transparent way. Treedom’s mission is to allow anyone to contribute to the wellbeing of the planet in a simple and fun way while they browse online.

Impact Story

To date, exactly 25.367 farmers have received financial aid to plant trees: they've been able to harvest their fruits and benefit from all the advantages that trees can offer on a local level. 

To date 431.240 trees have been planted. Besides absorbing CO2 globally, every tree brings social and financial benefits to the farmers who plant them, to their family and to their local community.

In 10 countries more than 40 different species of trees have been planted. The farmers directly suggest which tree species to plant, choosing the most beneficial to their needs and to the local biodiversity. That's why different trees are being planted in different countries!