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ARED developed a solar-powered distributed digital infrastructure technology to help bridge the digital gap in emerging markets. Basically, we are bringing storage and computation power on the edge closer to the user to help lower the access cost for users and provide an affordable infrastructure for SMEs. Users can access any digital applications via WIFI offline. We also allow SMEs to build digital applications on top of our infrastructures at an affordable cost. We have opened our infrastructure to third-party partners and local developers to better develop and distribute their applications to low-income people. 

ARED is a B2B company, we work with partners that help us implement our infrastructure on the ground and we develop a revenue-sharing structure from customers that build digital applications on the infrastructure. 


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Impact Story

Technology Impact: We are using edge technology to develop local digital infrastructure that will minimize the digital gap in low-income areas and provide an affordable digital infrastructure for local SMEs that want to participate in the digital economy. Our edge technology can be implemented in high-traffic locations such as inside buses, bus stops, market places etc.. 

Environmental Impact: Our tech uses solar energy and we have developed a recycling program to dispose of each kiosk after its life cycle. 

Economic Impact: Building an affordable storage and computing infrastructure for the 100 million SMEs today that are not able to participate in the digital ecosystem. I truly believe edge technology can help grow the digital economy exponentially for SMEs in Africa. 

Social Impact: We provide economic opportunities for women and people with disabilities using our solar kiosk platform. THe kiosk provides a way for kiosk operators to earn a living from charging phones, selling digital services, and digital application access. Our kiosk are operational in 5 countries today and have served around 500000 people in the last 3 years. 

Additionally, in 2015 we started a partnership with the Red Cross to implement solar kiosks in refugee camps throughout Rwanda and have the goal of implementing kiosks in all the refugee camps throughout the world.