Based in Guatemala

MESO Goods

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

meso, originally from Ancient Greek, stands for “middle” or “in the middle”. We were born in Guatemala, the center of Mesoamerica in the middle of the American continent. At MESO Goods we honor these roots and emerge from the intersection between modern design and traditional craftsmanship.

Since 2010 we partner with master artisans to make positive social change for communities who are under poverty conditions. We connect artisans to international markets and provide fair trade income opportunities, breaking the cycle of poverty.

MESO Goods is a global platform that designs, produces and curates ethically made products from around the world.

Ethically crafted + Modern style + Inspired living = Mindful Goods

Support Needs

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Design (Web or Print)Web Design andWeb Development

Impact Story

We promote a Social Design Movement that brings together designers and artisans to create handmade products that improve human well-being and contributes to create sustainable economic development for our partner artisans, which in turn leads to better access to food, housing, healthcare, and education.