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Fundación Moises Bertoni

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Fundación Moisés Bertoni focuses, among other areas, on sustainable tourism and the sale of natural products ( honey, species, jam,among others products) under the brand of Mbaracayu Products with the goal of supporting a boarding school for young, indigenous women located in the  the Natural Forest Reserve of Mbaracayú.

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Impact Story

The Mbaracayu Educational Center (CEM) is a boarding school for young, rural and indigenous girls from 15-18 years old. It is located inside the Mbaracayu Natural Private Reserve (RNBM), in the Department of Canindeyu.  The Mbaracayu Reserve is one of the last major remnants of dense and humid subtropical forest of Paraguay with 64,405 hectares - representative of two ecosystems of high conservation priority to the world: the Atlantic Forest of Alto Paraná (BAAPA) and the Cerrado. Established in 2009 by Fundación Moisés Bertoni as a conversation strategy focusing on providing access to women´s education, the school prepares students with a technical degree in Environmental Sciences using the methodology of ´´learning by doing.´ It integrates values such as gender solidarity, leadership, multi-ethnic diversity, freedom, self-esteem, honesty, ecology, and compromise. Its mission is to transform young rural women into entrepreneurs for sustainable development and in active change agents within their communities.